It’s All About Frequency – Part 3

tic tac toe

In this final post of the series, I wish to propose that having three modes of healing working together might bring about more complete healing experience. How is that possible? When you have three things that work well together to bring a completeness, you have a “bench of three.” In the end, I propose that using three complimentary forms of healing approaches should be more effective when following a healing protocol.

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It’s All About Frequency – Part 2

Color Spectrum

In Part 2 of this series, I explore how ancient civilizations used sound, how resonant frequency is in color, music and general sounds, and how colors/sound can be found in the Chakras. It’s entirely possible that by knowing how to use resonant frequencies, much of the “dis-ease” in our bodies could be reversed.

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It’s All About Frequency – Part 1

Chladni plate and crop circle

Everything has a resonant frequency, including what we say and do. In fact, some countries have used frequency as “sonic warfare” as a weapon of war. In part 1 of this series, you’ll learn about how thoughts, words, and intents can frame our world along with seeing how frequency can form beautiful shapes through Cymatics.

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Good Vibrations – The Science of Sound

Sound and Creation

The lecture, “Good Vibrations: The Science of Sound,” was presented at the World Science Festival on June 4th, 2010. Four scientists along with a couple of musicians present how sound came to be from the beginning of time until now. Are you aware that our universe was created out of sound?

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My Musical Story

Music is Healing

This is my musical story, complete with my own victories and struggles as a person and musician. When I learned to allow myself to “feel” the music coming from within me, it was a game changer. What are you passionate about? Can you, too, bring yourself to a place where what’s within can flow freely out of you?

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Numerical Coincidences

Speed of Light

I’ve been watching some NOVA and other scientific videos on quantum mechanics and physics. This has then led reading articles, blog posts, and comments about how there are so many coincidences in the world with certain numbers. But, for some, if there’s not an exact match, scientists chalk certain things up…

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Numbers, Sacred Geometry, and Musical Frequencies

Flower of Life

Numbers, Sacred Geometry and Musical Frequencies? Are they related?   Because people know that I’m delving into the wonderful world of frequencies, I get sent a lot of stuff that might be related. Facebook is inundated with memes, videos, and stories of the beauty of how numbers are important in…

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Musical “Intent”

Energy Field

“Musical Intent” is most about what a composer and/or performer expects to convey through his/her music. In this article, we explore how musical intent affects how we respond to music.

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