Numbers, Sacred Geometry, and Musical Frequencies

Flower of Life

Numbers, Sacred Geometry and Musical Frequencies? Are they related?   Because people know that I’m delving into the wonderful world of frequencies, I get sent a lot of stuff that might be related. Facebook is inundated with memes, videos, and stories of the beauty of how numbers are important in…

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Musical “Intent”

Energy Field

“Musical Intent” is most about what a composer and/or performer expects to convey through his/her music. In this article, we explore how musical intent affects how we respond to music.

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Musical Entrainment

Music on the brain

What is entrainment and how does it relate to music? The basics of entrainment work when two rhythmical objects eventually sync with one another. The example commonly used is that of the Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens, where he noted that pendulum clock clocks eventually synchronize. As noted by Martin Clayton…

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Concert Pitch of Appliances and Entrainment

My household appliances (dryer, espresso machine, microwave, etc) seem to be “in tune” with the concert pitch that I’ve used for the “Prophetic Musical Journey.” Although that may seem odd, I’m not surprised. Since each of these appliances was made by a different company, I’m not thinking they decided to…

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