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Frequency Immersion Sound Bath through Healing Frequencies Music

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Before you pay and fill out the form, allow me to set the stage…


Learn how to trade dis-ease for at ease…

Allow me to lure you on a journey… a journey that trades dis-ease for harmony… a journey that relieves tension, fatigue, anxiety, and stress… a journey that invites you into a place of peace, rest, and tranquility…

Allow your body to bathe in healing frequencies that invite you to enter into a place of harmony and balance

Relax, listen, engage, and allow your entire being to enter into the frequency immersion of calming tones that are intended to bring wholeness to your spirit, soul, and body…

Join a musical voyage of the healing tones in crystal bowls

Imagine a tranquil place where the cares of this world fade away as you soak in the pure sounds of quartz crystal bowls… imagine the frequencies as musical food delivering nutrition to your cells… see yourself in that place of total calm as all stress fades away…

Journey to a peaceful place where vibration, rhythms, and tones bring balance to the hemispheres of your brain

As you listen, let the frequencies engage the crystalline structures of your DNA, blood, bones and the crystal-colloidal liquid of your brain. It’s an alignment of the natural geometrical structure of the quartz crystals in your body with those in the crystal bowls…

Take a bath of pure geometrical frequencies

Allow the music to bathe and immerse you in sounds that infuse peace, tranquility, rest, and relaxation into and through your entire being. See stress and worry float away as you release them from your mind, emotions, and body in exchange for stronger frequencies of love, peace, and joy.

Allow the crystal bowl sound waves to vibrate through the air and into the fluids of your body for a complete soaking experience

Play your frequency immersion over and over as much as you desire. Engage with the affirmations to bring your entire being into an agreement of wholeness – spirit, soul, and body.


What do I get?

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the healing sounds of crystal bowls? Pair your intent with the music and my intent. It creates a three-stranded cord that’s not easily broken. You’ll receive an MP3 audio recording of your frequency immersion experience along with decrees and declarations to speak over yourself. You’re encouraged to listen as often as you feel led to do so. From the list of decrees, choose the ones that resonate with you. See yourself whole. See yourself healed. Choose your words wisely as you step into the leadership role of your own health and wholeness. You’re at the steering wheel on this one!

What do you desire? If you’re not necessarily looking for healing and desire a deeper relationship with God, then use the music to launch you into an ascension experience where you’re lead to the heart of the Father. It all begins with your intent – an intent that needs exercised on a regular basis. See this experience like you’re working out at the gym with daily muscle building. Your body gets stronger as you “train” it. Here, you’re training your entire being to receive wholeness (spirit, soul, and body) so that you function as you were created from the beginning of time. Engage with the music, asking God to show you the way.

Pay First!

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Choose Your Bowls

Listen to the bowl samples. Choose the bowls that feel good to you. NOTE: Your frequency immersion experience will emailed as an MP3 download along with a PDF of your decrees and declarations that are based off what I sensed, heard, felt, and saw while creating your music. The notes you choose are also a key factor in what’s included with your decrees and declarations. This is why it’s important to pick the notes that feel good to you at the moment.


A Bowl


C Bowl


D Bowl


E Bowl


F Bowl


G Bowl


B Bowl



Fill Out the Form

Check the bowls you’ve chosen. Then, enter information in the form about what you’re looking for. Make sure your email address is included on the form so I can send you the files. It generally takes up to two weeks for the digital delivery but if I get inundated with orders, it could take longer. I’ll keep you informed of the timeline.


Each sound bath is 20 minutes in length and will include crystal bowls, crystal pyramids and a myriad of other percussion instruments.
Describe what your intent is for this sound bath. If you have specific needs for healing, please include that information.
Focus on positive words and phrases for this section.

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