New Album “New Hope”

The album, “New Hope,” came out of a conversation with a friend who has a heart for those coming back from war where emotional support is needed. It’s fairly well understood that music has amazing healing properties. With that in mind, we spoke about creating music that would be soothing for those walking through the effects of being at war. They often struggle with PTSD, survivor’s syndrome, along with all the physical issues that many also deal with.

Over the course of many conversations with several people, I felt that “New Hope” was to focus on traumas and crisis of all types. Those include divorce, death, war, natural disasters, abuse of all kinds, and any other situation that could cause a crisis in someone’s life. In a sense, I went into the making of this album having an idea of the purpose behind it. Of the nine albums to this point, it’s the first one where I had a complete sense of direction in what to do and how to do it. Yes, I had direction with the “528 Creative DNA” album but not to the extent that I did with this album. As I created “New Hope,” I knew what sounds to use and concentrated on bringing peace, joy, healing, hope, and renewal into anyone that would listen to it.

With the idea of what the intent was to be for this album, I began recording the keyboard tracks in the same manner that I’ve done with all the albums – spontaneously. Taking that into the studio, I did the same with the percussion parts. I allowed the music to flow through me while concentrating on that intent. During the recording phase, I began creating the corresponding music essence (see below).

Those who suffer PTSD often can’t handle sudden loud/sharp sounds or extreme changes in dynamics in music. With that in mind, all of the music in “Crisis Release” includes percussion parts that are steady and/or even throughout. The keyboard parts have minimal dynamic changes and the three songs flow gently from one to the next. The album is great for playing on repeat or in shuffle mode.  “New Hope” is only available in full-album download format from Healing Frequencies Music and Welcome Home Troops. 

For those who purchase the album from Welcome Hope Troop’s website, I will donate 40% of the proceeds from that sale to Welcome Home Troops. 

Music Essence!

I’ve created a second music essence from this album through Freedom Flowers . Our goal is to bring hope out of what may appear to be hopeless situations. In creating this essence, much like I did with the “528 Creative DNA,” I put a bottle of spring water on the speakers as I recorded the original music and then once again after the album was finished. The total resonance time for this music essence totaled nearly 14 hours.

If you are unfamiliar with how essences work, I recommend that you sign up for Freedom Flower’s seven day mini-course on flower essences. Even though “New Hope” is a music essence, the principle of vibrational frequencies works the same for both flower and music essences. To access that course, be sure to sign up for Freedom Flower’s newsletter. A pop-up box will appear not long after you’ve opened up the website providing information on how to sign up.

EMDR format!

EMDR eyeBecause many people working through PTSD and other traumatic experiences utilize “bilateral music,” I’ve turned the entire “New Hope” album into the EMDR format. Basically, when listening in the EMDR format, the music pans gently from left to right. EMDR therapists say it’s best to listen with headsets for the full effect. For more information on my EMDR music, CLICK HERE to find a list of music that I have available in the bilateral format. In addition, I have instructions from an EMDR therapist on how best to listen to EMDR music.

The “New Hope” album is available as an “album only” download in either standard or EMDR format. 

NOTE: The album title has been changed from “Crisis Release” to “New Hope” to reflect the name of the music essence.

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