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Freedom Flowers …

is a flower essence company, owned by my friend, Seneca. She makes her own essences from start to finish. In addition, she has an essence (Align) that has done quite well with Life Restored, from the Album “Open Heaven.” If you order Align, ask for a free download of Life Restored! Be sure to request the coupon code from Freedom Flowers for your free download! 

Seneca has also been assisting me with music essences. Order the music essence “528 Creative DNA,” to go with the corresponding music album with the same title. The album “New Hope” has also been made into a music essence. Click HERE to order the essence from Freedom Flowers.


Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Aliceis an inner healing practice by Alice Briggs. It is said that many physical issues are a direct result of emotional setbacks where we have locked up traumas. Alice uses Splankna, which involves techniques used in EMDR therapy. Alice was convinced Splankna would work, especially after her sister was healed of fibromyalgia after only three sessions! Alice’s artwork will appear on a future album, too!


Alice ArleneOpen Gates… 

is the artwork of Alice Briggs. In addition to her inner healing practice, she’s an artist that combines digital media with traditional art techniques. She has done the artwork for “Open Gates” and the “528 Creative DNA” album. Click on the album titles to be redirected to her website to purchase the corresponding album artwork. On her main page, she says this about her artwork:  “My technique involves multiple colors, layers, and techniques to generate depth, richness, texture, and energy that invite one to interact with the piece as elements are revealed to the eye. My hope for my art, is that it would bring peace, hope, and joy to each viewer. My desire, as you look at a piece, is that it would speak something just for your heart, mind, and soul. And that it would bring an atmosphere of peace, rest, and wholeness where ever it is hung. At times, I may make mention of what a piece means to me, but if it speaks of something else to you, please hold on to the meaning that it has for you. It has served its purpose in my life, but now it has something to give to you.”


Collide by Julie AnnArtist, Julie Ann…

painted the artwork for my first six albums. She listened to the music and painted what she sew, felt, and sensed. Click her “Contact” page to order prints from the albums: I AM, Open Heaven, Into the Deep, Waves of Spirit, Cleansing Fire, and Into His Presence.



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