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NOTE: About every 6 - 8 months, older Song of the Month files may be removed to make room for the more recent instrumental songs and activations. Be sure to grab your files while you're on this page! If you don't want to engage with the music now, get your files downloaded for access when you are ready 

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Monthly Song Files

Here are your two MP3 files and PDF instructional sheet for Song of the Month. The music includes a instrumental song + voice-over activation.

NOTE: After 6 - 8 months, files are taken down to make room for new ones. Grab your files while you're here! They are downloadable from Google Drive.

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In this section, any videos I've made specifically for subscribers are posted here. 

NOTE: After several months, older videos may be taken down to make room for newer videos. Save the links while you're here!

These special videos are only for Song of the Month subscribers. 

Click on the words below to download the PDF file for the April 2024 Bonus Activation that presents the VIA Character Assessment and how to put together your passion list. This will be needed as you continue the subscription for SOM.

Singles FREE to you!

This section includes all the SINGLES that are free to you. Simply click on the song title where you'll be redirected to Gumroad to download your music. The special coupon link is embedded into the version posted here!

Store your song files in Gumroad and stream whenever you want or download them onto your specific device(s). 

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Album Discounts

As a Song of the Month Subscriber, you get ALL ALBUMS created after March 2023 at half price. Links to those albums are listed here that include your 50% off coupon.

These coupons are ONLY for Song of the Month subscribers!

  • Coming in Spring 2024!

Important YouTube Videos

This section includes YouTube videos on the Healing Frequencies Music YouTube channel that specifically address key concepts that are considered important components in Song of the Month. They are out for public view but are highlighted here for you to watch when you have time. 

You MAY share these links with anyone since they are public.

Song of the Month Etiquette

You've paid for the subscription. Therefore, you're asked to keep this page and all links on the page to yourself. This not only honors you but other subscribers as well. You MAY share links to the "Important YouTube Videos" because they are publicaly available to anyone who visits the channel. 

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