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First one’s free!

I’m doing a new healing music program where at the beginning of each Hebraic month, you’ll receive an instrumental song and a “guided visualization” in MP3 format (two MP3 files total). The first song, based on the month of Tevet is FREE!

The monthly songs are all done on my keyboard in various tunings. No percussion is added. Because I believe in creating a healing package, I closely follow Freedom Flowers “Times and Seasons Healing Box,” My goal is to take an aspect of what Seneca presents in the healing box and back that up with music and the guided visualization.

Listen and participate as I walk you through it. Then, play the music by itself and create your own activation. Or, simply listen to the music and allow what’s in it to infuse your whole being. Once you decide you want to participate on a monthly basis, it’s only $10 per month to subscribe. CLICK HERE for information on the monthly subscription and to sign up via PayPal.

Want the free song?

When you sign up for the Healing Frequencies Music Newsletter, you’ll get the 5778 month of Tevet song and guided visualization for FREE! You’ll receive an e-mail immediately with a link to download “Beloved Friend.” A few days later, you’ll receive another link to download the two MP3 files for the 5778 Song of Tevet.

The intent for Tevet and guided visualization comes from the instructions Seneca included with her box club: “Open the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened with the truth, to see the best and the potential in others, our circumstances, and ourselves. When we do see evil, we need to stand against it with prayer and words of life. This is a time where it’s easier to see past our anger, frustration, and judgment towards others as well as ourselves. “

I focused on the words “peace, truth, love” as overriding “anger, frustration and judgment” while recording the song. Then, when I created the guided visualization, I take you to a garden in your heart where together, we release the negative and receive peace, truth, and love. Each recording is about 11 minutes long with the ease of looping back to the beginning. Play the instrumental song over and over as needed. Allow the frequencies in the song to envelop your entire being. Allow the words in the guided visualization to sink into your core so healing can infuse your mind, soul, and body.

Get your free songs and guided visualization!


  1. Is Tevet 5778 recorded at 432 Hz?

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