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As you “Enter In” to these healing frequencies of the Hebrew letters, allow them to infuse your being with love, light, peace, joy, and hope. Step into the pool of love as the Breath of Spirit guides you along a journey into wholeness… a wholeness that can only be felt when sitting in the presence of True Light that’s filled with peace and hope despite the worldly situations going on around you. It’s a paradise… a garden of joy where all the worries of the day fall away…

With that invitation, I bring this offer of several complimentary materials that I’ve found helpful for those who are seeking a journey into wholeness – spirit, soul, and body. On my own journey, I found that I feel better emotionally and physically when music is part of the healing “recipe.” The album “Enter In” utilizes the frequencies within the Hebrew letters. All the instrumental songs are spontaneous. Join me on a journey of entering in… into the frequencies of the Hebrew alphabet. 

This special offer includes some extra materials not on the regular album:

  • The full album “Enter In” with two extra songs ($17 value)
  • PDF of the healing properties within each Hebrew month ($15 value)
  • PDF articles on the importance of intents, thoughts, and actions ($15 value)
  • PDF of how to listen to healing music (extra freebie)

TOTAL VALUE: $47 for a price of $12.50

What’s so special about the Song of the Month?

I found that there’s really something to the cyclical nature in the healing properties of the Hebrew months. As I describe in the video, my moving adventures seemed to center around the cyclical structure of the Hebrew calendar. Subscribers are saying that having a new song each month where the focus is on the “art of practicing” a healing protocol is very helpful for them. So, I’d like add some extra spicy musical goodness to the previous offer! Continue reading on…

The Song of the Month special offer includes:

    • A full year’s subscription to Song of the Month ($150 value)
    • The album “Enter In” with two extra songs with a PDF of suggestions on how to listen to this music ($17 value)
    • PDF of the healing properties within each Hebrew month ($15 value)
    • PDF articles on the importance of Intents, thoughts, and actions ($15 value)
    • Two MP3 instrumental songs for the months of Iyar 5779 and Nisan 5779 with PDF instructions for the guided visualization ($20 value)
    • PDF of a PowerPoint presentation about my discovery process of the frequencies of the Hebrew letters. This includes a link to the YouTube teaching and a PDF of the base frequency chart for all the Hebrew letters ($30 value)

The TOTAL value of this package is $247. You get it all for $110!

How does this work? Glad you asked! By clicking on the “Subscribe” button below, you’ll be redirected to Gumroad where you’ll actually make the purchase. Why Gumroad? Well, it’s a nifty little tool that keeps track of all your files should you ever lose them. And, I’ll be notified of your subscription with your e-mail address so it’s a matter of me simply adding you to the Song of the Month subscribers list. For a year from the date you make the purchase, you’ll receive the Song of the Month for the next 12 months! You’ll receive everything via your e-mail inbox. Be sure to check spam, social, and promotional folders (especially gmail customers).

If you’re ready to subscribe for a year to Song of the Month and get all the added bonuses, click on the subscribe button below. If you only want the album, scroll back up to make that purchase. You’ll be redirected to Gumroad to make that purchase, too.


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