Holistic Wellness Weekend

Limited to 60 participants! $99 registration fee

August 17 - 20, 2023

68 Old Diamond Mill Road in Oldtown, Idaho 83822

What you get...

  • $99 registration fee with room for 60 participants.
  • Four days of teaching and practical application on the benefits and use of holistic health
  • Lots of activations!
  • A packet of materials to take home to assist you on your wellness journey
  • Group sound baths, drum circles, breathing exercises, meditations, and a variety of health and wellbeing modalities 
  • Sign up for individual sessions with certified practitioners (extra fee)

Details and More Details!

When: August 17 - 20, 2023 (Individual sessions ONLY overflow into August 21)

Where: 68 Old Diamond Mill Road in Oldtown, ID 83822 (Rotary Building)

Registration Fee: $99

Registration Limit: There's room for ONLY 60 participants!

Arriving: If you're traveling by plane, fly into the Spokane International Airport. (You'll need a vehicle while at the event)

Notifications: You'll be asked to sign up for an event email list on the registration form. This is VERY important to do!

  • This series of emails is how you receive necessary information about the event.
  • You learn about the individual sessions and how to pay for them.
  • You'll get some pre-event reading materials to prepare you for our time together.
  • There will be additional homework and reading during the event. This work can be completed in the afternoons (when you're not in individual sessions) and the evenings. 
  • When you sign up for the event email list, it does NOT add you to any of our newsletters. If you want in on that goodness, please go to each individual site. 

The Schedule... 

Morning Sessions

We'll start each day with a group relaxation/meditative exercise followed by a crystal bowl sound bath or drum circle. Teachings and practical applications follow where you learn about bringing a variety of techniques into a wholeness protocol for daily living. 

Afternoon Sessions

Sign up with one of the six certified practitioners: Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST), Biofield Tuning, Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA), custom essence combos, Jin Shin Jyutsu energy balancing, Rife/PEMF, Reflexology, and/or small group breathing and meditative exercises. Some sessions are limited!


This is your time to put into practice what you've learned during the day. There will be homework for you to complete in preparation for the next day. It's an opportunity to put into practice what you're learning. There is also time to explore the area, take a hike, swim in the river, etc. 

What Does the Daily Schedule Look Like?

(Updated as it gets closer to the event)

Thursday, 8/17

  • Registration opens at 12:00PM (noon)
  • Sessions begin at 1:00PM
  • Meditation and Sound Bath
  • Discover VST
  • What are flower essences?
  • Exploring Rife and PEMF
  • Energy Harmonizing
  • Ends at 5:45PM

Friday, 8/18

  • Sessions begin at 9:00AM
  • Meditation and Sound Bath
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu with self-help ideas
  • Nutrition and herbs in the wholeness process
  • Biofield Tuning with tuning forks
  • Panel Q&A
  • Group sessions end at 12:45PM
  • Individual sessions (extra fee) from 2:30 - 5:30PM

Saturday, 8/19

  • Sessions begin at 9:00AM
  • Meditation and Sound Bath
  • Understanding the 7 energy centers
  • Biofield Individuality: Part 1
  • Crystals in the wholeness process
  • Panel Q&A
  • Group sessions end at 12:45PM
  • Individual sessions (extra fee) from 2:30 to 5:30PM

Sunday, 8/20

  • Sessions begin at 9:00AM
  • Drum Circle!
  • Music,Energy, and Entrainment
  • Biofield Individuality: Part 2
  • Repgrogramming: Healing Codes, Declarations, Tohu Wa Bohu, and HeartMath
  • Group sessions end at 12:45PM
  • Individual sessions (extra fee) from 2:30 to 5:30PM

Monday, 8/21 Schedule

Individual sessions ONLY are offered from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

at the Healing Frequencies Music Retreat Center

Individual Sessions Introduction 

  • Show your interest level in these sessions when you register! This helps with planning. 
  • Personal instrumental song (by Del Hungerford) for $65 or a Frequency Immersion Sound bath for $99. This special price ends August 20.
    • Sound baths and personal songs are created (recorded in MP3 format) before or after the event and are emailed to you. This music is NOT included with the individual sessions at the Holistic Wellness Weekend. 
    • Click on sound baths or personal songs to read more about them. DO NOT order from the website unless you want to pay full price. Send an email saying that you're already registered for the Holistic Wellness Weekend and that you want the event price. An invoice will be created for you. Music is emailed within two weeks of your order. 
  • Breathing and meditative exercises for $20 per person. For the small group exercises (with Sue Beckman), there are four people in each session that are scheduled between August 17 - 21.
  • Energy work utilizing Energy Harmonizing, Biofield Tuning (with tuning forks), Biological Terrain Tuning, and Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions are $45 per half hour or $80 for 50 minutes.
    • Sessions will be explained in further detail through event emails where upon payment, you'll secure your session(s).
    • Sign up for session times when you arrive on August 17. 
    • NOTE: Diane and Joanne each have only 12 sessions available between August 17 - 21. Reserve space by paying before the event begins! 
  • Custom Combo Essence: $50 with Seneca Schurbon of Freedom Flowers (30 minutes) scheduled between August 17 - 21. 
  • RIFE/PEMF with Dr. Eve Bean between August 17 - 21. Choose from one of these three sessions: Circulation, Energy/Vitality or a General Healing Panel. All Rife or PEMF treatments are $50. Reflexology/foot zoning sessions are also available for $50 each. Session lengths vary.

About the Presenters and Practitioners 

Click on link next to name to be redirected to each practitioner's website!

Sue majored in theatre in college and uses many theatrical relaxation and meditative techniques to assist people in learning to live in a state of rest, peace, and relaxation. She often participates with the Mystic Frequency Collaborative.

Joanne is a VST Certified Practitioner through the Vibrational Sound Therapy Association. She completed her certificate program of Sound Healing and Therapy through the Globe Institute. She is a musician and producer for the Mystic Frequency Collaborative.

Joanne Dusatko - Sound Healing Remedies

Diane is certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Biofield Tuning, VST, and Biological Terrain. Her main focus is on the energetic systems within the body. She is a musician and producer for the Mystic Frequency Collaborative. 

Diane Holladay - Soothing Frequencies

Del is a retired professional classical musician and professor with a doctoral degree in music. She utilizes her musical knowledge in teaching about "all things frequency" and creating healing music. She's a musician and producer for the Mystic Frequency Collaborative.

Del Hungerford - Healing Frequencies Music

Seneca is the founder of Freedom Flowers, a flower essence company that’s branching out into other frequency-based essences. She works with Del and Dr. Eve on research and experimentation to produce new and cutting edge healing technologies.

Seneca schurbon - Freedom Flowers

Dr. Eve has a degree in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate in Naturopathy. She teaches herb classes, does nutritional consults, Rife/PEMF, reflexology, supplements, herbs and rife bioessences.

dr. eve bean - Storm's End Nutrition

What you need to know... 

  • You will need a vehicle! Consider sharing expenses with someone who is renting one. Use the contact form below at any time to let us know if you're driving or need a ride. We'll put you in contact with others who can help share those expenses. 
  • Bring a pillow, yoga mat, blanket, and/or comfortable lawn chair for daily group activations, drum circles, and/or sound baths.
  • Bring a drum and/or percussion instruments if you have them!
  • The facility (Oldtown Rotary) allows for all beverages and food.
  • There are plenty of lodging choices in Newport, WA and Priest River, ID. Ask for a list if you need one.
  • You'll be provided with a packet of detailed information for each wholeness modality as well as all activations. Writing utensils, journals, and notepads are encouraged.
  • No audio or video recording of sessions is allowed.
  • There will be the opportunity to purchase healing music, essences, books, prayer beads, and other items at the event.
  • Most individual sessions will be at Healing Frequencies Music. Tuning fork sessions will be at the Rotary Building. There are cats at Healing Frequencies Music (also a personal home) for those who have pet allergies. Please let us know if this is an issue!
  • Registration is at a very affordable price to allow room in your budget to pay for the individual sessions. We highly recommend that everyone sign up for at least one individual session.

From the practitioners...

Diane Holladay

After having a spiritual epiphany, my life pursuit morphed into helping others find their harmonious path through healthy practices, goals, and perspectives. I'm looking forward to working with you to bring your energetic body into alignment in the way you were created to function. 

Joanne Dusatko

I find joy in seeing people come into healing and wholeness. As a musician, I love using my musical sensibilities along with healing training while listening to Spirit to bring positive change to people. My other loves are exploring sound, frequency, and crystals.

Seneca Schurbon

I’ve been making flower remedies since I was a little girl. As I learn new plants, I’m constantly amazed at how specific they can get to perfectly address human conditions. I have hundreds of flower frequencies, some are sure to be right for you. 

Dr. Eve Bean

I had many health issues as a child which led me into natural medicine for my own healing journey. Since then I've continued to learn and educate others through classes and healing modalities. I love serving my community and seeing lives change.

From the Event organizers...

I ventured into the deep waters of healing music while walking through my own healing journey. As I fostered an intimate relationship with the Divine Creator, I dealt with life's hard knocks and found spiritual, emotional, and physical healing in the process. A new mindset is what brought me through a time in my life where I lived with extreme fatigue followed by losing my home through the process of eminent domain. 

Del Hungerford

Event Organizer

I worked as a theater director, producer, actor, and singer for over 40 years. How does this help for this wholeness event? Meditation has become a way of life for my physical and  spiritual wellbeing. Taking what I have learned over the years in relaxation, vocalization, and quietness plays a huge part of my life. Showing others that they, too, may also find this peace within themselves is a joy to me.

Sue Beckman

Assistant Organizer


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