2023 Holistic Wellness Weekend Recordings


17 video recorded sessions with downloadable supporting materials.

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The Holistic Wellness Weekend was held in Oldtown, ID in August of 2023. For this video set, you’ll receive access to a special Google Drive account that has the following:

  • A page for each day’s events with clickable links to all the event videos on the Healing Frequencies Music YouTube channel. Video links are ONLY available in these documents!
  • A special folder with each practitioner’s activations, notes, and supporting documents
  • Extra materials to assist participants with a greater understanding of our energetic system

Session Titles:

  1. Session 1:
    • Meditative Sound Journey with the Mystic Frequency Collaborative
    • Joanne Dusatko – Singing Bowl Massage for Deep Relaxation
  2. Session 2: Del Hungerford – Your Physical Symptoms Might Have an Emotional Blockage
  3. Session 3: Diane Holladay – Reading Your Energy Environments for Better Health
  4. Session 4: Dr. Eve Bean – Stimulate Your Body to Heal Itself – RIFE/PEMF
  5. Session 5: Diane Holladay – Getting Your Energy River Flowing
  6. Session 6: Sue Beckman – Reflective Quietness: Focused Relaxation and Wellbeing
  7. Session 7: Mystic Frequency Collaborative – Meditative Sound Journey
  8. Session 8: Dr. Eve Bean – How to Use Herbs as Nutrition
  9. Session 9: Diane Holladay – Tuning Your Biofield
  10. Session 10:  Del Hungerford – Strengthening the Power of Your Energy Centers
  11. Session 11: Meditative Sound Journey with the Mystic Frequency Collaborative
  12. Session 12: Diane Holloaday – Managing Your Bio-Individuality, Part 1
  13. Session 13: Joanne Dusatko – Crystals for a Vital Life
  14. Session 14: Del Hungerford – Driving Results Through Pairing Intention with Music
  15. Session 15: Drum Circle with the Mystic Frequency Collaborative
  16. Session 16: Diane Holladay– Managing Your Bio-Individuality, Part 2 with Diane Holladay
  17. Session 17: Sue Sanoski – Blue Zones and Panel Q&A