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What led to my recording projects? For years, I’ve been fascinated with how music can be used for healing purposes. I always wondered what it was about music that affected people’s emotions. For example, when people are sad, they listen to a certain type of music but probably not the same music they’d listen to when in a good mood. So, when it came to doing a little digging into the healing properties of music, I found materials written by scientists, music enthusiasts, performers, and educators, among other resources. Some of that information is accurate (historically, technically, and musically) but there’s a bunch that’s not.

As a music major, I was required to take a LOT of music theory and history classes. Although I grumbled as a college student, I realized (many years later) that staying up all night writing theory assignments and then attending 8:00 AM ear training class was good for something! My music theory background is extremely necessary as I’ve looked into what writers discuss concerning frequencies that are supposed to be healing for the body, soul, and spirit. Because of my classical training, there are musical pieces to the frequency puzzle I grasp that musicians and music enthusiasts with no formal training can understand. Reading sheet music, the ability to hear and understand musical intervals, and a good grasp of musical harmonics are all necessary. All this means is that I bring a different perspective to what’s being said in Internet land about musical frequencies of healing. For example, when someone tells me the ancient solfeggio frequencies are in the Hymn to St. John the Baptist, I can safely say that’s not true. All of the technical pieces concerning healing frequencies and healing music are in the blog section of the website.

Maybe by the time you’ve read my bio, you’ve listened to my music on the samples page. Yes, it’s very different from the classical music that I normally perform. However, because my desire is to explore the healing properties of music, I began to experiment with sitting down at a keyboard and intuitively letting music flow through me that wasn’t printed on a page of music. Because I’d already been doing this during prayer sessions, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to bring that into this project. The “prophetic” title of my first five CD’s is a result of letting what I was sensing flow through me musically.

All of my music starts by sitting with my instruments and “listening” to what’s coming from within me. This is done either by myself or with groups of people, where I can musically respond to what’s going on in the room. I save all the music in my keyboard or external recorder for consideration on upcoming albums. Some of the recorded music is reserved for live sessions where I can play percussion instruments or wave flags along with others. I continually expand my use of instruments and now have a full set of crystal bowls as well!

Based on research, I began to record my music at the A=432 concert pitch. Why that concert pitch? There’s enough evidence to show this concert pitch is closer to the natural frequencies within the earth itself than other concert pitches being used today. However, that doesn’t mean the others are bad! Check my article titled “Thoughts, Intent, Action!” to learn more about the importance of intent in music making. I’ve also created some music in the A=444 concert pitch (“528 Creative DNA” and “Deep Calls to Deep”), and the 713 Hz frequency. CLICK HERE to read more about that album.


Deep Calls to Deep

Deep Calls to Deep Full Album – $9.99

My musical background… I’m a professional clarinetist and music educator in the Northwest having taught at the collegiate level as well as in the public school system. I’ve played in professional ensembles, taught elementary music, middle school band, was the music director for a community theatre, and was a staff accompanist in the public schools. I bring a classical music “flavor” into the music I now create even though it’s not classical music. I’m a “geeky” classical musician in one sense but I also love to spontaneously create new music. 

I have three degrees in music: The University of Idaho (B.M), Yale University (M.M), and The University of Washington (D.M.A.).




Enjoy some of my classical music from a recent faculty recital:

This piece by Caroline Schleicher-Kramer is a very early piece written for the clarinet from the classical era. My pianist is Mac Merchant for both selections:


And, here’s a selection by one of my favorite composers… Brahms! This is the 1st movement of the F Minor clarinet sonata:

NOTE: The clarinet pieces are NOT recorded at A=432. Our modern wind instruments do not allow for this adjustment. I can get close but not quite! In order to perform at A=432, I’d need to use a “period” clarinet which can be hard to come by. 

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When I have free time, I can be found working on a variety of other projects including home improvement CLICK HERE, outdoor activities with friends and family, mentoring with NW Ekklesia, writing for MY OTHER website, or managing my forum CLICK HERE.



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