Kingdom Shift: How to Prepare for God’s Global Reset


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Experience your own personal great awakening as you engage with the Trinity, regional angels, and the cloud of witnesses. Step into Bible stories, watch a heavenly court session, discover the beginning of time, and learn how intimacy with the Trinity propels you into greater authority.

Follow Del as she learns to function in the cosmos, partner with the angelic, and operate in unity with the Trinity. As the sons step into this position and authority, any chaos that exalts itself above Yahweh is destroyed.

Can Yahweh work through calamity to bring increase into the land? After she was ripped from her home, Del was instrumental in orchestrating Yahweh’s mandate in her region so that truth could spring up amid the uncertainty. Creation groans until the Sons of God understand their authority. In response, Yahweh beckons us to release righteousness, truth, and love. Are you ready to answer that call?


Book Chapters Include:

  • Introduction
  • Prelude
  • Chapter 1: The Ancient Document Room in Heaven
  • Chapter 2: The Earth Responds to Our Identity
  • Chapter 3: A Great Awakening
  • Chapter 4: The Great Year and Great Month
  • Chapter 5: A Walk Down History Lane
  • Chapter 6: How to Prepare for a Great Awakening
  • Chapter 7: Speaking to the Stars
  • Chapter 8: Expansiveness of Creation
  • Chapter 9: A Cabin in the Woods
  • Chapter 10: Jacob and His Speckled and Spotted Flocks
  • Chapter 11: Repentance in the Court
  • Chapter 12: The Higher Courts of Heaven
  • Chapter 13: Building a Highway
  • Postlude
  • Where to Get Assistance