Healing Music by Del Hungerford


“Into His Presence” recorded in the fall of 2015
Washington State University School of Music Recording Studio


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Healing Frequency Music

Through Healing Frequencies Music, I’m committed to creating music that enhances cognitive function, heals the emotions, awakens intuition, and engages our senses. I am excited to bring you music that touches the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. My hope is that you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in these healing frequencies.

Most of my music is recorded in A=432 and A=444 concert pitches (to match sounds found in nature and the cosmos). I also record with specific frequencies (such as 713 Hz). See the SAMPLES page for a list of albums, tunings, and main note used for each song. Click on album titles to purchase downloads.

The main frequency in my songs (listed next to the song title) is subtle and consistent throughout the length of the song. This replaces the need for a tone generator, which can often be very boring (or annoying) to listen to. All songs are long-play for the purpose of being therapeutic. Since people do ask, I don’t use the transpose feature on the keyboard. I actually play in the keys listed next to each album/song. During the recording process, I tune into the Spirit to bring the prophetic side into my projects. Each “song” features a spontaneous instrumental piece based on a specific musical pitch.

  • Look at each album page from the drop down menu to see the corresponding “emotional roots of physical symptoms” for that album.
  • EMDR music is also available for both clients and health care practitioners. 
  • Music of Del Hungerford is available as downloads from this site, iTunes, Amazon, most streaming services, YouTube, and CD Baby. CD’s can be purchased from Amazon.


Healing Frequencies Music from Del HungerfordCLICK HERE to listen to samples!


If you are a new listener to healing music, you may want to read the blog post titled “Negative Musical Reactions.”  I am finding that BECAUSE it’s healing music, there are times where certain songs may bring up emotions that you don’t expect. This article explains why that happens. 

Ongoing Research…

Healing Frequencies Music is not only about the music but the research that goes on behind the scenes. My research often involves purchasing books and other materials as part of the process. Maybe because I’ve spent my entire life in academia, I don’t take for granted everything I find on the internet. You’ll notice in the BLOG posts, I provide links to where I get the information, especially if I quote another’s findings. This is standard operating procedure in the academic world. I personally find it frustrating when reading online materials where the writer fails to provide sources. That involves many internet rabbit trails to locate the original source. It’s all good because I generally stumble across interesting materials along the way.

The next major project I’m working towards involves mapping out cymatic shapes with their specific musical pitches. Much work has been done to show musical pitches affect sand on a Chladni plate but… what we don’t have are the specific concert pitches that match those shapes. There are some but not enough. My goal is to musically connect the shapes with specific notes and concert pitches. The equipment needed for this project is costly.

If the research I’m doing interests you, feel free to use the donate button below to help me purchase needed equipment, books, materials, and seek expert assistance as I delve further into the wonderful world of frequencies!


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