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Healing Music of Del Hungerford

Into His Presence

Recorded at the Washington State University School of Music Recording Studio in the fall of 2015

About Del's healing music...

Del creates spontaneous instrumental music that touches the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. Her "healing" music is recorded in the A=432 and A=444 concert pitches along with some in A=440. Other songs are created with special frequencies such as 528 Hz and 713 Hz.

Instruments you'll hear in the music include keyboard, clarinet, Native American flutes, quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, sound effects, a myriad of percussion instruments, and some "not-so-standard" instruments as well. The Mystic Frequency Collaborative albums also include vocals.

528 Creative DNA

How can healing music help you?

Intermixing intuition and research, Del presents healing music that can bring you to a place of stillness so your being lends itself to wholeness. Step into the sounds and frequencies of love, joy, peace, rest, and all the "stronger" resonating frequencies that override anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, and all their negative "cuddle buddies." May you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in this healing frequency music. 

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There's over 40 hours of healing music available on this website! CLICK HERE to listen to samples!


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Download your favorite music from this site and create a playlist of instrumental music to bring healing, calmness, and peace into your home.


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Choose a space in your home that the music can be played regularly. This brings a sense of calm and peace over you and your pets.

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Personal Song

Personal songs are written specifically for you! Order your personal keyboard song that comes with listening suggestions specific to your needs and desires.

Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is created just for you and utilizes crystal singing bowls and various percussion instruments. You'll receive affirmations specific to your needs and desires.

Song of the Month

Get a new song every month with an activation that closely follows the Hebraic yearly cycle. This is a subscription sent out at the beginning of each month.

As a musical researcher, Del explores the many aspects of how music cooperates and coordinates with the universe. Creation sings, waiting for us to join in with our own creation song!


Sign up for personal coaching or mentoring! Bring your creative ideas to the table and we'll work on them together. Includes Zoom calls and email support.


Listen to samples of all the music available on this site by Del Hungerford and the Mystic Frequency Collaborative. Each album is generally over an hour in length!

EMDR Music

EMDR music pans gently from left to right. Listen to samples of these bilateral versions of many songs from Del's regular albums. Use this page to purchase EMDR music.

Through the power of intent, anyone has the capability to walk in wholeness - spirit, mind, and body. Choose the music that feels good to your being. Pair your intents, desires, and gratitude with the music for full effective frequency goodness!

YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel includes lots of music that's not on any other site, There are teachings and more frequency goodness! Click link to subscribe to the channel!

Music of Hebrew Letters

In this teaching, Del includes two audios demonstrating how to use these frequencies in your own music. A full instructional PDF is included!


"Everything owes its existence, solely and completely, to sound," Tesla said. Read about how that works in the many articles in the blog section of this website. 

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Kingdom Worship Basics - Course

Take your understanding of worship to a whole new level! This course may challenge current belief systems so be prepared for a wild ride into what worship looks and feels like around the throne of Yahweh.

Frequency Immersion Practitioner

A three module program where you learn how to give crystal bowl sound baths from both a creative and scientific perspective. It's designed to work with your personal style. Sound baths are recorded and sent to recipient.


We begin something new where I present videos from the Healing Frequencies Music YouTube channel that might be helpful for dealing with situations going on around us. 

July 2024 Video...  

Frequency of Propaganda

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