Healing Music of Del Hungerford

On Healing Frequencies Music, you'll find spontaneous instrumental music to assist you on your personal healing journey - spirit, soul, and body. We believe that good health involves the whole person and that music is a vehicle for bringing your entire being into greater wholeness.

If you're looking for information about "all things frequency," you'll find that on the BLOG. Do you desire healing music created specifically for you? There's that, too! Order a personal song or "Frequency Immersion" sound bath with crystal bowls and other instruments.

If you want a dose of monthly music that includes an activation, sign up for Song of the Month or subscribe to the Healing Frequencies Music YouTube channel for your listening pleasure. Listen to several hours of music in the "healing music" playlist. If you don't want ads, download the AdBlock addon for Google Chrome (computers only). You may also listen to Del's healing music on Spotify and other streaming sources.

Latest Album!

Release! was recorded in the summer of 2021. Del collaborates with musicians, Joanne Dusatko and Kathi Rabil to bring another depth to musical creativity as a new sound of restoration. The frequencies ring throughout the land, beckoning creation to wake up and listen to the sounds of pure love that fosters an atmosphere of restoration. 

Into His Presence

Recorded at the Washington State University School of Music Recording Studio in the fall of 2015

What is Healing Frequencies Music?

Healing Frequencies Music is committed to creating spontaneous instrumental healing music that enhances cognitive function, heals the emotions, awakens intuition, and engages our senses. Del brings you music that touches the whole person: spirit, mind (soul), and body. May you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in this healing music.

Most of the music is recorded in the A=432 concert pitch with a smattering of tunes in the A=444 concert pitch. In addition, there's a few songs created with special frequencies such as 528 Hz and 713 Hz. Intermixing intuition and research, Del presents "healing" music that can bring you to a place of rest and peace. Step into the sounds and frequencies of love, joy, peace, kindness, etc. Allow them to wash away anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, and all their negative "cuddle buddies." 

Beyond the music, Del researches "all things frequency" to present readers with the most up-to-date information on the frequency craze sweeping the world at this time. As a professional classical musician, Del combines music theory with scientific research to show the bigger picture of how everything in the universe is connected through patterns that we see as frequencies. Ready to "geek out" on the frequency piece? Check out the blog!

Listen to samples of Del's music. Nearly all of her songs are longer than 20 minutes. Click on the title to purchase through Gumroad. Next to each song title is listed the note and concert pitch it's based on. 

Purchase books, teachings, all albums, EMDR formatted music, Mystic Frequency Collaborative albums, etc. all on the Shop page. Sign up for Song of the Month and online classes as well.

A "Frequency Immersion Sound Bath" is catered to each individual. The sound bath practitioner uses crystal singing bowls and a myriad of percussion instruments. Each sound bath (sent to you as an MP3 file) is 20 minutes long and comes with affirmations to assist you on your wholeness journey. 

A personal song is created specifically for you on the keyboard. Del ponders your requests and then begins to play intuitively. You're sent an MP3 file along with anything Del senses or feels as she creates this special music for you.  

Del has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to healing music and teachings on "all things frequency." The music on the YouTube channel was created specifically for those who enjoy streaming! Everything is completely FREE so engage with the music as often as you wish. You may also find Del's music on Spotify and Apple Music