Healing Music of Del Hungerford

Into His Presence

Recorded at the Washington State University School of Music Recording Studio in the fall of 2015

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With Healing Frequencies Music, Del is committed to creating spontaneous instrumental music that enhances cognitive function, heals the emotions, awakens intuition, and engages our senses. She brings you music that touches the whole person: spirit, mind (soul), and body. May you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in this healing music. 

Much of the music is recorded in the A=432 concert pitch with a smattering of tunes in other concert pitches, including A=440. There's a few songs created with special frequencies such as 528 Hz and 713 Hz. Intermixing intuition and research, Del presents "healing" music that can bring you to a place of stillness so your being lends itself to wholeness. Step into the sounds and frequencies of love, joy, peace, kindness, etc. Allow them to wash away anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, and all their negative "cuddle buddies." 

As a musical researcher, Del explores the many aspects of how music cooperates and coordinates with the universe. Creation sings, waiting for us to join in with our own creation song! 

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