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  1. I AM – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 1 (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Love Abounds Sample (C)
    2. I AM Sample (D)
    3. Life Source Sample (E)
  2. Open Heaven – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 2 (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Life Restored (G)
    2. Joyous Hope (F)
    3. Open Heaven (D)
  3. Into the Deep – Prophetic Musical Journey – part 3 (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Open Door (A)
    2. Into the Deep (B)
  4. Waves of Spirit – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 4 (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Waves of Spirit (F-sharp/G-flat)
    2. Wings of Spirit (E-flat/D-sharp)
    3. Deep Waters (B-flat/A-sharp)
  5. Cleansing Fire – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 5 (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Abiding Love (D-flat/C-sharp)
    2. Cleansing Fire (A-flat/G-sharp)
  6. Into His Presence – Based on an F Major chord (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Running to Him (F)
    2. The Wedding (A)
    3. Into His Presence (C)
  7. Open Gates – Based on an F-sharp Major chord (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Spirit Awakens (F-sharp/G-flat)
    2. Worthy to Behold (A-sharp/B-flat)
    3. Open Gates (C-sharp/D-flat)
  8.  528 Creative DNA – Based on 528 Hz (C above middle C )  A=444 concert pitch
    1. My Beloved (C)
    2. Regeneration (C)
    3. Beyond the Veil (C)

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  9. New Hope – based on a D Major chord (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Joyful Life (D)
    2. Joyful Heart (F-sharp)
    3. Joyful Hope (A)

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  10. Deep Calls to Deep – based on two separate frequencies: 713 and 444
    1. Deep Restoration (713 Hz = F)
    2. Deep Serenade (A in A=444 concert pitch)
    3. Deep Connection (A in A=444 concert pitch)

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  11. In the Resurrection Code – based on the 713 Hz frequency (approx. A=448 concert pitch)
    1. Living Sacrifice (F)
    2. Recalibration (F)
    3. Transformation (F)
  12. Enter In… (Based on words in the Hebrew alphabet in A=432 concert pitch).
    1. Liquid Love
    2. Luminous Light
    3. Enter In
    4. Resting in Peace
    5. Standing IN Hope
    6. Blissful Joy
  13. Bowls Before the Altar 1 (A=432 concert pitch)
    1. Sacred Bowls on the Alter (Bb)
    2. Step Into YHVH (C)
    3. Fragrance of YHVH (D)
    4. Healing in The Name (B)
    5. Worthiness in The Name (F#)
  14. Release! by Mystic Frequency Collective (Joanne Dusatko, Del Hungerford, and Kathi Rabil)
    1. Mysteries from Under the Earth (A)
    2. Release! (E)
    3. Peace in the River (C)

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