Welcome to the Personal Music page!

This is the "quick introduction" page to music and coaching that's available specifically for you! If you're ready to choose, use the drop-down menu for more complete descriptions of what you'll get with each of these products.

Personal Song

 A personal song is created specifically for YOU! Fill out the form with your desires. I'll create an instrumental song, send you the MP3, a PDF "suggested listening method" sheet, and anything specific that I see, hear, sense, or feel for you!

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Sound Bath

A "frequency immersion" sound bath is similar to a personal song but twice as long and much more in-depth. Choose your bowls, fill out the questionnaire, and pay. You'll receive affirmations to speak over yourself along with the MP3 recording of your sound bath! 

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These next three products are slightly different... Song of the Month is for subscribers. Coaching and mentoring is personal one-on-one work where we work together. The shop page is added here just to remind you what else is on this site!

When you sign up for the newsletter, you'll get LOTS of free stuff, including the FULL chart of emotional roots of physical symptoms! All specials are announced ONLY through the newsletter. 

Song of the Month

Song of the month is a subscription song and voice-over activation that's sent the beginning of each month. It's based on the Hebraic cyclical year. 

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If you have a creative project you'd like assistance with, I can help you! It's a matter of bringing ideas to the table and discussing them. 

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Shop Page

Check out the shop page for books, activations, albums, EMDR music, "singles" releases, sound essences, and teachings! 

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