Coaching and Mentoring

Are you on a creative project journey? Do you need technical assistance? Are you struggling with creative ideas to make your dream work? Do you need more inspiration? Do you need a mindset adjustment to help you get to where you want to be? Want someone to help you flush out your ideas?

Or... are you on a path of discovery and not quite sure that you have a creative piece to offer? Are you still looking for that one thing that will help you feel fulfilled? Do you struggle with keeping focused on one project before whisking off to the next?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you! However, I'm not here to "counsel" you. There are people trained to assist with your inner healing and emotional healing process. Simple things, we can address as part of the coaching/mentoring. When it comes to deep seated issues that keep you from moving forward, at that point, I may send you to people I trust that can help with that part of your wholeness journey where we may work in tandem as needed.

The position I come from...

  • I'm here to assist you - not tell you what to do. I'll give you ideas but it's up to you to follow through with what works for you.
  • I ask lots of questions to get your creative juices flowing.
  • I am a teacher. Therefore, I provide you with new information to research further.
  • There is homework! Sign up for coaching and mentoring only if you're ready to move forward in what you desire.

When you sign up for coaching, there's an expectation you already have something brewing in the creative department. It may not be flushed out but the main ideas are there. You have a possible direction but are missing many of the pieces to make it come to pass. Or, you'd like me to collaborate with you. Let me give you examples...

My friend, Jean, called and asked if I'd work with her on a project. She needed background music for a story series - one that focuses on a restoration process into wholeness. It was a fairly lengthy project that included me spontaneously creating the soundtrack as she read the story. I then produced the entire project, adding in my own creative piece to bring her content more alive. We had many discussions where she realized pieces needed completion to bring her idea to fruition. Did she have a website? No. Did she have a method of selling the MP3 files? No. How did she plan to market it? She didn't know. By now, you get the picture. She had the basics ready to go but needed assistance in continuing the process.

As we step into our personal identity, things tend to morph so bigger dreams can become a reality. Now that my music studio space is set up to record, people are showing up! It's that saying from the movie Field of Dreams "if you build it, they will come." When we take a step of faith in a previously unknown direction that's aligned with our "call" on life, amazing things can happen! This is how my Frequency Immersion Practitioner training came to pass. Someone contacted me and said, "I think you're supposed to train me in using crystal bowls for a healing process." So, I did it! I love it when things occur organically! A similar situation came from experimenting intuitively with a group of friends that led to spontaneous recording sessions that eventually morphed into the Mystic Frequency Collaborative. The key here is to take that first step and allow the next steps to naturally come forth.

I've given you two examples from the past two years in my own life where I stepped out into something new. If you click on the Frequency Immersion Practitioner Training and the Mystic Frequency Collaborative, you'll see the results of how organic situations can turn into something bigger.



Coaching is for those people who already have an idea of what their creative piece looks like. You know where you're headed but simply need help getting there. You're looking for someone who has gone down a path in their own creative ventures and can help you with your creative piece. 

If you're interested in coaching, you're at that stage where your project could become a business. Or, it may be that your creative piece is geared more towards helping your community. Whatever it is, you'll still need to put together a "plan-to-motion" for assembling puzzle pieces so your ideas work efficiently. Coaching sessions are more about fleshing out your ideas into something that works with your personality.

Mentoring is for people who are trying to find that creative piece within them. There's a chance you don't yet understand that you ARE a creative person. You're looking for help in discovering that you have a part to play in the matrix of the universe and then develop it. 

If you're still not sure that you even have a creative bent within you, mentoring can help you discover a hidden gem that's waiting to surface. You'll be sent down a variety of rabbit holes that may appear dark with mystery but if you don't go down them, you'll never know "what could have been." Learning to develop your creative side is full of risks. Are you willing to take the risk to discover the truth about your identity? 

Here's what you get...

  • $500 for FOUR one-hour sessions + email support + feedback on homework.
  • Sign up for EIGHT sessions at $1,000 and get a 9th session FREE!
  • Sessions are held via Zoom
  • There's an initial 30-minute Zoom meeting to prepare for the first session.
  • After each Zoom session, you'll be given assignments to turn in PRIOR to meeting again.
  • Each Zoom session is one hour long where we go over the homework assignments and prepare for the next session!
  • Suggested meeting schedule is at least once per month.
  • Work is "self-paced." However, you're encouraged to keep a regular meeting schedule to stay consistent in your endeavors. 
  • Email support is included for homework and simple questions. 
  • Technical business support is provided as needed (website, payment processors, etc.)
  • Mentoring and coaching can be intermixed as needed.
  • For those who desire more than nine sessions, that can be arranged. The more sessions you sign up for initially, the better the price. If you're project is rather large, consider this option. Use the contact us form to request a quote for extended sessions.
  • There are NO refunds once you've had your initial session. If you find that your schedule has changed, we'll adjust meeting times. 

What's expected of you?

When you begin school, or any other learning program, you understand there are expectations. This is why classes have a syllabus - so you know what to expect throughout the entire course. For coaching and mentoring, it's similar but without the syllabus because YOU determine the expectations and I help you carry them out. I assume you're coming to me because I offer something that can help with your journey. Therefore, here's what's expected of you should you join the mentoring/coaching program.  

  • If you must cancel a session, please give notice within 24-hours to reschedule, otherwise you pay for the session. 
  • Expect to do the work on your own with guidance from me. Effort on your part is what makes the coaching/mentoring work effectively.
  • If you're dealing with emotional and traumatic life issues that hold you back, we'll get you into healing sessions with someone who can help.  
  • Practice being consistent in your efforts. 
  • See yourself as successful even on those days where nothing is going the way you want it.
  • Function with an attitude of gratitude. See the glass as half full.
  • Learn from your mistakes! Mistakes are expected so when they occur, carry on!
  • Focus on solutions, not problems.
  • Set aside time to journal and have some quiet time (meditate, ponder, worship, etc.) so that you're in a good "creative heart space" as you step into a creative flow. 
  • Realize that the process of moving forward into your creative piece will require mindset changes. This may involve lifestyle adjustments, beliefs that are counter-intuitive to your goal, what comes out of your mouth and thought life, and what you believe about yourself. 
  • Study the power of your thoughts, intents, and actions and how they can help or hinder your goals. 
  • Be sure you're signed up for the Healing Frequencies Music newsletter where you'll receive a lot of information to assist you in the mentoring/coaching program. 

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