Personal Sound Bath


Crystal bowl sound baths are created specifically for you to play in the comfort of your own home!

Choose the bowls for your sound bath by filling out the form below. Then, add the sound bath to your cart and pay.


Crystal bowl sound baths are created specifically for you!

You choose the bowls that feel good to your system and I create and record the session that you can play over yourself as often as you wish! Please follow these instructions:

  • Your “frequency immersion” sound bath is around 20 minutes long.
  • Listen to the samples of each crystal bowl. Listen long enough that you have a sense of which bowls will work for you.
  • On the form below, check the boxes of the bowls that you like.
  • Tell me what you’re looking for in this sound bath. What’s your intent?
  • Send the form.
  • NEXT… add the sound bath to your cart (button at the top of page next to picture).
  • Pay for the sound bath.
  • Your sound bath will be e-mailed to you as an MP3 file within two weeks of your order.
  • You’ll also receive affirmations (decrees) to engage with so you become part of the process.
  • It’s suggested that you listen daily until your being (spirit, soul, and body) desires new sounds. At that point, feel free to order a new frequency immersion sound bath.

Here’s how your sound bath is created…





Choose your bowls here. Fill out the form and then pay…

  • A bowl:
  • C bowl:
  • D bowl:
  • E bowl:
  • F bowl:
  • G bowl:
  • B bowl:
Each sound bath is 20 minutes in length and will include crystal bowls, crystal pyramids and a myriad of other percussion instruments.
Describe what your intent is for this sound bath. If you have specific needs for healing, please include that information.
Focus on positive words and phrases for this section.