Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms

Welcome to the page where you can download the Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms chart. It’s a fairly long PDF but a very good resource for you.

I paired up with my friends Seneca Schurbon and Alice Briggs to put this chart together. We each address healing from a different perspective:

  • Seneca – through flower essences. Flower essences work best with emotional issues. When we deal with our emotions, our bodies tend to have an easier time of working through the healing process.
  • Alice – through emotional and spiritual healing. This pairs nicely with flower essences, sound essences (that I create) and healing sessions.
  • Del – well, you know me by now (probably). I create music, give sound baths, write personal songs for people, have a song of the month subscription, teach some classes on the basics of frequency, and do whatever I can musically to help bring people to a place of peace and rest. It’s from that position that our being can enter into a healing process much easier.

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Enjoy the chart and be sure to check out both Seneca’s and Alice’s websites!


Click this link to download the chart!  Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms – Links