Into His Presence Music Video

Many people ask me what prophetic music is and want to know the process of how it’s created. In case you’re not familiar with what prophetic music is, allow me to give a brief description…

“Prophetic” generally describes listening to what’s coming from the inside of you and letting it flow naturally out of you. Most often, prophetic music is spontaneous or created “on the spot.” You do this by listening to the heart of our Creator and simply letting it flow from inside of you and then out through your voice, or in my case, the keyboard.

For me, this all started in about 1998 when I became a part of a prayer group where the leader asked me to sit at the keyboard and play while the rest of the group prayed. I listened to how they were praying and would play fast or slow depending on what they were saying, how they were moving, or the tone in the prayers. Basically, what was happening in the room dictated how I would play. I never used sheet music and had to learn to listen to what was coming up from within me. As you will read in other posts and articles, this was something new for me.

Fast forward to the spring of 2015…

By late 2014, I knew that I’d be recording spontaneous music. How that would look, I didn’t know until I actually went into the recording studio. The plan was to originally have some friends go with me and help with the percussion parts but it didn’t work out for any of them to be there. In reality, all of the music I started to record was done so without knowing what the next step would be. In a sense, it was all about listening to Creator and letting go of my natural “thinking” mind. I knew that I was supposed to think with my heart and not my mind.

In October of 2014, I started getting together with groups of friends. I’d take my worship flags, keyboard, and percussion instruments, and we’d simply start worshiping together. Once I started to play something, I would then respond on the keyboard to what I was hearing and seeing in the room. Most of the keyboard parts were saved into my keyboard and then later, I used many of those same tunes for what is now the Prophetic Musical Journey series.

Many you may have seen the video on the main page that introduces the music. After several requests to hear the music without the interview, I was finally able to work that out with the company who made the original video. In this video, you can see that I respond with the percussion parts based on what I’m hearing in the music. For this particular recording, I had only heard the keyboard part maybe one or two times. Everything you see is done spontaneously as I respond with percussion instruments to the keyboard part. The video is the first 20 minutes of the tune Into His Presence from the album “Into His Presence.”

You may notice that I move around a lot. I realized that by doing this, in a sense, I was creating dynamics in the music without having to make adjustments during the mixing process. What you’re hearing is how the music was recorded with very minimal adjustments. Enjoy!

© Del Hungerford, 2016


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