Hebrew Letters Albums

Del Hungerford’s spontaneous instrumental music based on the frequencies of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet…

All music in the series “Hebrew Letter Albums” is listed on this page.

Samples and song titles for these specialty “frequency albums” are included here for your listening pleasure. All of this music is recorded in the A=432 concert pitch. This concert pitch choice is based on the results of a research project spanning over several years. To read more about that project, CLICK HERE. For those who want the nitty gritty details (audio teaching and PDF with the frequency chart of the Hebrew letters), CLICK HERE.

Album: “Enter In…”

  1. Liquid Love (Hebrew word: Love – Ahavah)
  2. Luminous Light (Hebrew word: Light – Or)
  3. Enter In (Hebrew word: Adonai – YHWH)
  4. Resting in Peace (Hebrew word: Peace –  Shalom )
  5. Standing in Hope (Hebrew word: Hope – Tikva)
  6. Blissful Joy (Hebrew word: Joy – Shimcha)



Upcoming Album Songs! 

(Not yet assigned to an album)

  1. Breath of Spirit (Hebrew word: Spirit – Ruach)