Musical Frequencies of the Hebrew Letters



For those who are interested in creating music with the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters, these demonstration audios and PDF teachings will give you the needed tools to do so!

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Have you ever wondered what the musical frequencies are for the Hebrew letters? Based on several years of research, Dr. Del Hungerford, a professional musician and music scholar, presents this audio teaching demonstrating how to create music with the frequencies of the Hebrew letters. The audio teaching includes a musical example using the letters for the name of Yahweh (YHVH) to create a song.

The accompanying PDF is full of pictures and charts to assist any musician through their own creation process. Even non-musicians can learn about the historical and scientific aspects of how this research came together. It’s a walk down “music history lane” and performance practices in order to understand how the patterns in music, nature, and math interconnect. This ultimately leads the reader on a journey of discovery into how the Hebrew letters are represented by musical frequencies.

The Teaching PDF includes the following:

  • Comparison of the Hebrew gematria to the A=432 concert pitch, musical patterns, and the musical harmonic/overtone series.
  • An explanation of the harmonic series, musical intervals, concert pitch, temperament, and enharmonics. This information is necessary as part of the process to create music using this system.
  • A full frequency chart needed for creating Hebrew letter music.

TWO downloadable teachings includes the following:

  • Audio teaching with examples and practical information.
  • Audio teaching on how to use several Hebrew letters and/or words to create a musical “motif” that’s then turned into a recurring melody.
  • PDF with Hebrew letter frequency chart that also includes many pictures and charts to help the reader understand what to do and how to do it.
  • PDF chart of the A=432 concert pitch (15 octaves) in Pythagorean tuning.
  • BONUS: PDF chart of the A=444 concert pitch (15) octaves in Pythagorean tuning. (Although the Hebrew letters aren’t based off the A=444 concert pitch, many people still like to use this tuning. This chart should assist with that effort.)

Del’s goal for this project is to assist anyone desiring to create music using the musical frequencies of the Hebrew alphabet.