Waves of Spirit

Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 4








  1. Waves of Spirit (F-sharp)
  2. Wings of Spirit (E-flat)
  3. Deep Waters (B-flat)


Del Hungerford, keyboard and percussion

All music spontaneously performed by Del Hungerford

Copyright Del Hungerford 2015

Artwork and design by Julie Ann



Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms for the album “Waves of Spirit.” 

This information is based on personal experience, customer feedback, and working with Seneca of Freedom Flowers and Alice of Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

Waves of Spirit – Album

  • Physical: alcoholism, anorexia
  • Emotional: worthlessness, self-rejection, inadequacy, unresolved negative emotions, afraid to feel, self-rejection

Waves of Spirit – SONG

  • Physical: blood, stroke, generational physical issues, depression, hay fever, menstrual problems, pancreas
  • Emotional: feeling powerless, deep anger, fear, can’t flow with life, intense depression, unresolved rages or fear, grief or sadness, repressed aggression, wanting to get even, feelings of guilt, extreme resistance, reject life at a deep level, self-violence, want to give up, unresolved guilt, how self-esteem, feelings of judgment

Wings of Spirit – SONG

  • Physical: pain, energy, memory, brain, bladder and kidney issues, Sciatica, urinary
  • Emotional: putting blame on others for your problems, allowing another to irritate you, nervousness, high anxiety, unable to control life, unresolved deep seeded sadness, wishing you could quite, unable to release ideas/things no longer needed, over concern for money, job, and health, obsessed with any lack of order, trying to control life, being over judgmental, emotional confusion, repressed emotions, unfounded criticism of others, hardened anger, mental anxiety regarding creative abilities, double-minded.

Deep Waters – SONG

  • Physical: eyes, gall bladder, gall stones, incurable diseases, rheumatism, stomach
  • Emotional: bitterness, remorse/regret, feeling unfulfilled, resentment, hurt, inability to see truth, can’t see your own self-worth, anger, being unyielding, pride, unable to forgive, long standing condemnation of self and others, victim mentality, want revenge, sense of security feels threatened, lack affection, condemning success of others, unhappy

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