Divine Incarnation


A 37-minute instrumental song about the 7 Spirits of God paired with 7 Divine Names

of God.

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Divine Incarnation takes you on a journey of letting everything you know about anything go. Relinquish all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, counsel, and power as you partner with the Seven Spirits of God while you’re led up to the pure presence of Yahweh. From that position of being one with the Light, you become a new creation in the Light. As you come back down, gather the newness of your creative being. See your destiny through the eyes of the Seven Spirits as you gather new wisdom, new understanding, new counsel, new power, and new knowledge all through the Spirit of the Lord. Upon arrival back to the base of your being, through the blood of Yeshua, be who you were created to be from the beginning of time.

Each of the Seven Spirits is paired with a Divine Name of Yahweh that represents the attributes of each Spirit. They are listed in order from bottom to top. On the way down, reverse the order (starting from the top). You’ll know when to move from one spirit to the next as you hear the name being sung. At the end, take time to marinate in the newness of who you’ve become on this journey. Repeat often!

  1. Spirit of the Fear of the Lord – El Shaddai: Understand the awe and wonder of God. Learn about the realms of holisness, intimacy, worship, reverence and righteousness. Ultimately, this name leads you to the true name of God – Yahweh.
  2. Spirit of Knowledge – Elohim: Access the knowledge of God and apply it to the world around you. Learn how to store and access information. Learn to meditate to recdeive divine insight and revelation into circumstances.
  3. Spirit of Might/Power – El Elyon: Work in supernatrual realms of God. Reveal the power and dominion of God and release it into the earth. Learn how to war in the heavenlies. We are seated in heavenly councils and governments.
  4. Spirit of Counsel – Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh: Access the councils of God, resolve issues, bring advice of God, and gain His voice. Here, we learn about the triune function of God.
  5. Spirit of Understanding – El Olam: Use what we have at the right time. Decipher revelation and visions. Perceive and teach others about the Kingdom.
  6. Spirit of Wisdom – Yahweh Tzevaot: With Wisdom, we judge and bring justice from a position of balance. Bring Divine order and learn what to do in the realm of rulership. Wisdom produces prosperity and delight towards God.
  7. Spirit of the Lord – Yahweh Adonai: This is about position, dominion, authority, and rulership. We learn divine government out of the justice of heaven. This is our position “In Him.”

Technical Details!

This song was created using the 1018 Hz frequency that’s based on the standard gematria of “The 7 Spirits of YHVH.” To obtain 1018 Hz (the C two octaves above middle C), it requires adjusting the keyboard to the A=427.2 concert pitch. In a sense, it’s a slightly sharp B in our current standard A=440 concert pitch. Therefore, no natural instruments (such as the clarinet or other wind instruments) could be used in the recording. Every part (keyboard, percussion, and vocals) was created by me (Del), including the singing, which is at the very bottom of my singing range. Although raspy sounding at times, there’s something about resonating frequencies from the depths of your being that bring the whole self (spirit, soul, and body) into a new alignment. Since the goal of this song is to let go of the old mindsets and take on new ones, resonating a pitch from the lowest depths of the singing range seems the right thing to do!


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