Mysteries from the Deep


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The Mystic Frequency Collaborative is a group of “mystical” musicians who search out the truths of Yahweh through musical exploration. Musicians vary depending on who joins the expeditions.


  1. The Invitation (18:38) There’s a rumbling that comes from the depths of our being. The sound of the didgeridoo releases a longing – a longing that invites one to step into the deeper mysteries of Yahweh. As the song moves up, down, too, and fro across the earth, there’s an invitation to step into more than what is seen by the naked eye. The call invites us to respond to the sound of the mysteries from the deep. It’s a sound that brings union between the sons of God and Yahweh. As we listen, we begin to resonate with the truth that it carries – a truth that only comes from the love we share with our Beloved.
  2. Come up Here! (20:14) A gong alerts us to a beckoning voice that’s inviting us to, “Come up here!” As we step in, a lone flute highlights the path. We focus on the sound, diving deeper and deeper into cosmic union where Yahweh resides in us. His sound thoroughly envelops us to the core of our being. In this place, we learn to understand the mysteries of co-creation.
  3. Enter into Rest (17:51) Yahweh’s voice is carried in the wind. We listen as it washes like waves in and through our being. We’ve arrived in that place of a deeper mystery that only comes from a place of solitude. As we marinate in love, truth, and rest, we align our being to its original design – a design that’s been calling to us since the beginning of time. The longer we harmonize with the sound, the more “in tune” we become with what we agreed to in the Cradle of Creation…



  • Miles Anderson: Native American Flute and didgeridoo
  • Del Hungerford: keyboard, percussion, and quartz crystal singing bowls



Recorded May 2021 in Oldtown, Idaho at the Healing Frequencies Music Recording Studio. Del Hungerford, producer.