The Restoration Call


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The Mystic Frequency Collaborative is a group of “mystical” musicians who search out the truths of Yahweh through musical exploration. Musicians vary depending on who joins the expeditions. 


  1. A Call for Alignment (18:21) An underlying rhythm pulses through my being as I step into alignment with Yahweh’s blueprint for my life. My voice intermingles with His as I rid myself of anything that is misconfigured. His ebb and flow of rhythm changes me to the core of my being so that I can walk in divine health and wholeness. I’m free to be me – who I was created to be from the beginning of time, before I entered my mother’s womb. I come into agreement with my original design.
  2. Enter into Restoration (20:28) The winds of restoration move over all of creation traveling far and wide, settling in every nook and cranny as it resonates, waiting for a response. As every living being vibrates in unity with the sound of restoration, lights of hope flicker as those who respond begin to recognize their true call so they can step into their genuine identity. The voice of Yahweh releases the frequencies of renewal to all who step forward. “My love for you is so deep that as you immerse yourself in Me, your very existence is reframed,” He says. Drench yourself in His presence…
  3. In Your Presence (24:53) I rest in your presence, Yahweh, marinating in Your Name while infusing my being with the frequencies of peace. It’s a time to recharge and saturate myself in Your pure love. It’s from this special place of rest and intimacy that my life flourishes. As I set my posture “in You,” I do so in Love’s harmony.



  • Jodi Anderson: percussion
  • Miles Anderson: Native American flute
  • Diane Holladay: harp, quartz crystal singing bowls, and vocals
  • Del Hungerford: clarinet, keyboard, percussion, quartz crystal singing bowls, and vocals
  • Susan Malcom: percussion
  • Alan Orwitz: violin
  • Judah Orwitz: violin and percussion
  • Tom Rice: Native American Flute and percussion


Recorded at the Healing Frequencies Music Recording Studio in Oldtown, Idaho in May 2021 and the Rice Recording Studio in Woodland Park, Colorado in September 2021. Del Hungerford, producer.