Song of the Month


When you subscribe to the “Song of the Month…”

you’ll receive an instrumental song at the beginning of each Hebraic month in MP3 format along with the same song that has the “activation” (two MP3 files total).



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When you subscribe to the “Song of the Month…”

you’ll receive an instrumental song and a “guided visualization.” At the beginning of each Hebraic month, all subscribers are e-mailed two files in MP3 format – the song and guided visualization. A guided visualization? That’s a fancy term for a voice-over practice exercise over the top of the music. The songs are all done on my keyboard in various tunings. No percussion is added.

There are FOUR options for Song of the Month…
  • YEARLY subscription based on the Hebraic months
  • YEARLY subscription with a general focus
  • MONTHLY subscription based on the Hebraic months
  • MONTHLY subscription with a general focus

Hebrew month activation 

For this option, I closely follow Freedom Flowers “Times and Seasons Healing Box.” My goal is to take an aspect of the healing properties of each Hebrew month. Why the Hebrew month and not another cultural cycle? The Hebrew community set guidelines for healing within their monthly cycle over 3,000 years ago! In a sense, each month is to help “bring people out of their personal Egypts.” It’s growth from month-to-month and year-to-year so the community can walk in good health spiritually, emotionally, and physically. All I’m doing is borrowing from what’s worked for a community for a very long time and bringing it into today’s time.


General Activation

For those more interested in a general activation, the voice-over focuses on one practice item per month with variations on how to fit that into your daily life. The music is geared towards that focus. For example, if the keywords for the month are peace and relaxation, the music will sound peaceful and relaxing. If the keywords are joy and happiness, the music will sound joyful. The voice-over activation is a start-up guide until you feel comfortable coming up with your own. In choosing this version, you’ll still receive the song/activation at the beginning of the Hebraic month so all subscriptions go out at the same time. It makes for easier bookkeeping.


What’s Involved:

Listen and participate as I walk you through the voice-over practice session as long as you need it. Then, play the music by itself and create your own activation. Or, simply listen to the music and allow what’s in it to infuse your whole being. Healing through music is like any other healing protocol… it needs to be done on a consistent basis. Through the Song of the Month, I present a platform for you to do just that… be consistent!



  • Monthly Subscription is $12.50
  • Yearly Subscription is $110 – a savings of $40!

Here’s a video that describes the Song of the Month!


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