Royal Rife

Who is Royal Rife?

Back in the 1930’s, a man named Royal Rife (an inventor) invented a machine that aimed frequencies at cancer cells. Somehow, he figured out that each type of cancer has a different frequency. And, by subjecting the cancer cells to a frequency that was harmful to them, they would explode and die (sizzle… sizzle). Eventually, every one of his patients was cured. FireAlthough some say he was a quack, there is enough evidence to show that his claims were true.

Fast forward another 40 years and we have a group of people trying to figure out how Rife made his machine work. This group is called Novabiotronics and they have built and are experimenting with a machine similar to what Rife used. I found them through a simple Google search and e-mailed Anthony Holland. Interesting enough, he’s a music professor at a college in the New England area. After some back and forth e-mails, I learned they are using two frequencies (way above the human range of hearing) that are within the harmonic series of a given note. When played together, they create the dreaded interval of a tri-tone (an augmented 4th/diminished 5th).

OK, for those of you who don’t understand music theory, those frequencies are four notes a part but changed slightly to create what musicians from the Renaissance era onward called the “devil’s interval.” I find it rather fascinating that specific interval is what’s doing the trick. Tritone

Can you imagine what it would be like to kill cancer simply by playing a frequencies that kill it? It appears to work and others are taking on the task of finding non-chemical methods of curing diseases in our body. In knowing that musical frequencies can be healing, consider choosing music based on how your body reacts to what you’re hearing.

Try this experiment and feel free to comment…


Choose several genres of music (classical, pop, rock, jazz, etc.). Make sure to choose slow tunes, fast tunes, music with heavy rhythm and then some without much rhythm at all. Some music should have words while others should only be instrumental. Consider choosing music that you know as well as music that you don’t know.

  • Turn up your speakers loud enough but not so loud that it’s damaging to your hearing. If you put the speakers on the floor, the vibrations will be felt better.
  • If you don’t have speakers, earbuds and headsets may work. I haven’t tried this yet so it’s hard to determine how the musical frequencies may resonate in and through your body.
  • To get the full effect of the music, lay on a floor (no carpet) so the vibrations can be felt through your body. Or, stand barefoot.
  • Play each selection for at least two minutes or until you can sense/feel something about that music.
  • Then, write down what you felt for each tune. If you felt nothing, then record that, too. Consider changing the volume or placement of speakers until you do feel something.
  • Also, pay attention to the emotions you experienced during the process.
  • Write everything down 🙂

cellsI encourage you to do your own research on Royal Raymond Rife. You may be led on some rabbit trails but those are always good because we learn to think on our own rather than having someone else feed us our information. Be sure to report back here with your comments! And, let me know how the experiment worked for you. Please include suggestions if you find something works really well that I’ve not listed above.