Bowls Before the Altar 1

Learn how to trade dis-ease for at ease…


Allow your body to bathe in healing frequencies that invite you to enter into a place of harmony and balance

Allow me to lure you on a journey… a journey that trades dis-ease for harmony… a journey that relieves tension, fatigue, anxiety, and stress… a journey that invites you into a place of peace, rest, and tranquility…

Join a musical voyage of the healing tones in crystal bowls

Imagine a tranquil place where the cares of this world fade away as you soak in the pure sounds of quartz crystal bowls… imagine the frequencies as musical food delivering nutrition to your cells… see yourself in that place of total calm as all stress fades away…

 Journey to a peaceful place where vibration, rhythms, and tones bring balance to the hemispheres of your brain

The journey began in March, 2020 in the quiet and serene space of a recording studio where the velvety and luscious pure tones in the crystal bowls were mastered for authentic and optimal tonal richness. As you listen, let the frequencies engage the crystalline structures of your DNA, blood, bones and the crystal-colloidal liquid of your brain. It’s an alignment of the natural geometrical structure of the quartz crystals in your body with those in the crystal bowls.

Take a bath of pure geometrical frequencies in the A=432 concert pitch

Allow the music to bathe you in sounds that infuse peace, tranquility, rest, and relaxation into and through your entire being. See stress and worry float away as you release them from your mind, emotions, and body in exchange for stronger frequencies of love, peace, and joy. Step into the center of The Name – YHVH – the Tetragrammaton, where you can soak in a personal or group sound bath.

Allow the crystal bowl sound waves to vibrate through the air and into the fluids of your body for a complete soaking experience

All journeys includes choices. For this album, you have three purchase options that include personal and group sound bath instructional suggestions on a PDF. There are three main songs, two bonus tracks, an EMDR version of Fragrance of YHVH and Healing in The Name, and a voice-over activation to Step into YHVH. The bonus songs, voice-over activation, and EMDR versions are only available through Healing Frequencies Music (listen to samples below). The spontaneous instrumental music is long-play for therapeutic purposes.

Best of all, you pay once and experience this sound bath as often as you want, in the comfort of your own home!

Listen to Samples!

  1. Sacred Bowls on the Alter
  2. Step into YHVH
  3. Fragrance of YHVH
  4. Healing in The Name
  5. Worthiness in The Name

EMDR Version Samples…

  • Fragrance of YHVH
  • Healing in The Name


Choose the option that works best for you!

  • First four songs +PDF sound bath instructions for $25
  • All five songs + PDF sound bath instructions + voice-over activation + two EMDR tracks for $55
  • Voice-over activation to the song, Step Into YHVH+ instrumental version of Step Into YHVH for $10
  • NOTE: When the order form opens up, you’ll need to choose your option above the words “I Want This!” 

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Thank you for participating in this sound bath journey with me! I encourage you to do some further reading on the positive affects that crystal bowls have on the spirit, soul, and body. Click on the links below…



Who is Del Hungerford?

Through years of research, I discovered the many healing benefits of music. This led me on a journey into the wonderful world of frequencies where I then began to create spontaneous therapeutic instrumental music (12 albums so far!) in the A=432 and A=444 concert pitches. My music is designed to enhance cognitive function, heal the emotions, awaken intuition, be inspirational, and engage our senses. I am excited to bring you music that touches the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. My hope is that you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in these healing frequencies.

I hold a doctoral degree in music and currently teach at the collegiate level, perform professionally as a classical musician, work with students of all grade levels as a music educator and clinician, and I’m also an author. I believe my classical training enhances creativity when I sit down with my instruments and allow music to flow from within me.