The People’s Convoy – To Be or Not to Be

"FREEEEDOM!!!!" is hollered from one end of the parking lot. Immediately, it's answered with echoes of freedom yells from all over the camp. Truck and car horns blare in agreement. Some vehicles specifically equipped with loud train horns add to the decibel "freedom ring" level. The sounds of freedom and unity are heard far and wide to either the dismay or joy of distant listeners. What's the purpose? Will it work? How can we partner with the sound of freedom and unity?

The People's Convoy was born out of the trucker convoy (Freedom Convoy 2022) in Ottawa, Canada. Normally, I don't pay attention to such things but I heard a sound - a sound that resonated from deep within me. As I watched the Canadian truckers stage their protest in the streets of Ottawa, Canadian citizens came and joined in with the freedom call, especially after being locked up for the past two years. Many spoke of a love and unity they'd not felt in a long time. As that event ended because of government overreach, the USA decided to begin their own convoy to D.C. My interest already piqued, I decided to watch how the US event would play out. Again, it appeared to bring people together from varying religions, political parties, races, and income levels. Since that's something I've not seen in quite some time, I continued to watch with intrigue.

In April of 2022, The People's Convoy announced they would head to Olympia, Washington which is about six hours from my home. Based on personal revelation I'd received over several months, I knew I was to join the convoy so I packed my truck with needed supplies and headed to Olympia to follow the convoy back to Washington D.C. In addition, I heard a sound (frequency) of unity and freedom that needed to ring from coast to coast. Yes, I could release those sounds from my home but for some reason, I needed to be "boots on the ground" and play specific rhythms on the drum as the convoy traveled across the USA. 

As a reminder - words create a frequency. When we partner (come into agreement) with those words, they are very powerful. Whether The People's Convoy realized it or not, there was a sound of unity coming from their agreement for freedom. The definition of "freedom" depended on the individual. However, they ALL agreed that there is government overreach. Coming into unity and agreement to bring the freedom sound to Washington D.C., the agenda was different for each individual but similar at the same time. When a group of people from varying belief systems can come together to accomplish a task, that's something to pay attention to!

For me, my mission was simple: 1) Join the convoy and come into agreement with unity. 2) Release the sounds of breakthrough, wake up!, and restoration on the drum. 3) Foster a position of unconditional love and unity over the USA and to the people in the convoy. I took no political or religious sides, learned to appreciate everyone for who they were personally created to be, and partnered with any "sound" that demonstrated breakthrough, a wake up call, restoration, and unconditional love. 

When getting together with groups of people, there will be issues. We're all at differing stages of trauma and healing where people act and react out of life experiences. I saw the gamut of emotions within the convoy as well as those who flipped us the "freedom finger" along the way. There were also those who were very glad to see us. Despite the variables, the sound of unity and freedom continued to ring loud and clear. It's a matter of learning to work with each other and continue on for a cause. With a group of people from all sides of various aisles, this was a challenge but one that was necessary to show others it can be done. At times, we did it better than others. Once upon a time, this is how citizens lived. Why is that not the case any longer? Hmmm....

  • We have politicians that try to divide us into parties that can't even agree among themselves. They provide a poor example of how to function in unity. They block bills, slam one another's character, and are downright bullies. Basically, we're watching adults act like two-year-old's who enjoy throwing tantrums when they don't get their way. 
  • Religious leaders put us under rules saying if we don't do it a certain way, we're wrong. Again, this isn't founded in love so we have yet another bad example being set before us by leaders who can't demonstrate unconditional love themselves. Therefore, we don't have good examples of decent behavior within most religious groups of all types.
  • We respond from an attitude of "monkey see - monkey do." We get our examples from television, world leaders, those in authority over us, religious figures, etc. As we learn to ignore their poor behavior and demonstrate the good, we'll see situations change. 
  • Enter the year 2020 with a certain medical incident that polarized the world. We were taught to fear certain populations which brought another layer of separation, anger, and fear. Once again, we had poor examples of working in unity. Unconditional love basically went out the window where it was shut, locked, and with the shade pulled down. Living in isolation brought further disunity among citizens of the world. 
  • We're watching various world leaders create situations that fill their pocket books with more money while the rest of the world suffers. Well, isn't that what inflation does? Follow the money and we'll know where the issues lie. 

I'm not a political person at all. That being said, I do have eyes and can see when those who are to represent us cause issues that keep people repressed. This is where we come in with a "frequency" to help override the negative junk around us. If you've read enough of the blog posts on this site, you'll understand that positive frequencies (love, joy, peace, kindness, hope, etc.) are more powerful than negative frequencies (hate, fear, depression, anger, etc.). For some odd reason, we feel it's necessary to fight fear with more fear. That only causes a new layer of a stronger and more energetic frequency of fear. Maybe we're addicted to drama? Let that sink in for a moment...

As I traveled close to 3,000 miles with The People's Convoy, I played specific rhythms on the drum as we entered cities, our staging areas, at rallies, and within the camp. Without fail, the frequencies being released brought joy to all who listened. If someone didn't like it, they never complained. Because I was on many live streams, those who came to visit the convoy often came up saying, "I love your drum!" or "The drum brings so much happiness!" Hmmm... my intent was to release joy, peace, love, unity, breakthrough, restoration, while also releasing a wakeup call. It would only make sense that people liked what I played. It goes to show the power of intent. 

As the convoy traveled and lived together, bear hugs abounded among people of differing opinions, races, religions, and political beliefs. Despite a spin by some media outlets, the convoy truly was a mixture of all belief systems. On the other hand, we saw the good, the bad, and the "interesting" within the group, especially when under pressure. Either way, that's part of "working out" our differences. We can agree to disagree. When we release a frequency of unity, there's a working out of that frequency. Although The People's Convoy came to an end on May 20th, many new paths and energetic highways were paved to take the unity and freedom frequencies to the next level. What that looks like is anyone's guess. What I do know is that we are to expect the unexpected. Rather than focus on division, the more we put our efforts towards hope, peace, love, and joy in a time of turmoil, the outcome will eventually be one that resonates the positive IF... and I say IF we keep fear, anger, frustration, being critical of others, hate, and a sense of "my way is right" away from us! Choose love over fear!

As we remember that stronger frequencies (love, joy, peace, hope, etc.) override weaker frequencies (sadness, lack of hope, frustration, etc.), we're going to be in a better place to actually see a positive outcome. Again, go back to the many articles on this website where I talk about the power of our words. Words truly do create life and death. Which do you choose to resonate with? As you make that decision, be careful how you judge what a movement is or was about. Here are some final tips:

  • Ignore drama and definitely don't repeat what you hear, especially if it's negative EVEN IF it's true! Speak and release the opposite over any situation.
  • Stay in a position of gratitude despite what goes on around you.
  • Resonate unconditional love to those around you without getting personal emotions involved in that decision.
  • Keep the emotions in check! When they turn negative, take a moment to breathe in peace and comfort. Then, allow the stronger frequencies to override the negative. This takes practice so don't give up!
  • If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all. Release peace into a stressful situation. That may require taking some time to go to that peaceful place yourself emotionally. Go back and read the article on freedom of speech for more insight on this topic. 
  • Agree to disagree as people present different sides of a story. We can't counter hate with more hate. 
  • We can still respect the "position" of leaders even if they're doing a horrible job. Release perfect truth, unconditional love, justice, fairness, and balance over them. Continue sending stronger energetic frequency waves of truth from a position of rest and peace and not one of anger or frustration. 

May you stay in a place of rest and peace despite what goes on around you. Partner with an unconditional love that allows your entire being to be free of trauma, negativity, and hopelessness. May our Divine Creator provide strategy that helps bring you into a greater level of healing (spiritually, emotionally, and physically) as you continue to walk your life journey!

Del - May 2022