Elements in the Luminous Tablets: Part 1

Our body is made up of the four elements – earth, wind, water, and fire. As described in ancient texts, the elements are the fundamental ingredients in any creative process whether you’re a Jew, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist, or Muslim. All religions, including atheism (because it’s a belief system) tell a similar story with varying cultural perspectives. Where did they get this information? That’s often left up for debate but there is credible evidence that it came from the Jews and spread to surrounding countries. There’s also plenty of evidence that the Jews created the first true alphabet, which is different than a form of pictures or marks, like hieroglyphs and Sumerian tablets. The best documentary on the alphabet subject is titled: Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy and can be found on Amazon or directly from the directors site. 

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In giving credit where it’s due, it wasn’t until I heard Kirby de Lanerolle introduce his “Luminous Tablets” that I gained a new level of understanding into how we “partner” with the elements in our personal creative process. How is that done? Through meditation, which he shows in many of his teachings (see sources below), how meditation is neuroscience at work. There’s no need to fear meditation; it’s simply a method of bringing our being into a creative process. It has nothing to do with religion. What meditation does is bring our body into alignment with our Creator so that when we’re seated in a position WITH Him, we become co-creators. It takes us back to the beginning where we understand the creative process that was established by Yahweh “in the beginning.” Hence, the title of the album I created – Creation in the Elements.

Kirby presents evidence concerning the mystics and saints who understood and then wrote about our co-creative process with the elements. Setting aside our pre-conceived religious and spiritual ideas, we have a lot to learn from those who’ve gone before us. Why have we lost these truths? There are many reasons, which will remain unexplained here so you can do your own research. However, I will quote one section of Saint Patrick’s daily prayer that Kirby points out in his teaching on the elements titled, “I Arise Today.” Caps are added for emphasis on words connected with the five elements. “I arise today through the strength of HEAVEN: Light of SUN, Radiance of MOON, Splendor of FIRE, Speed of LIGHTNING, Swiftness of WIND, Depth of SEA, Stability of EARTH, Firmness of ROCK. I arise today Through God's strength to pilot me.”

Because there’s evidence that the Jews first introduced the concept about the elements in the creative process as described in Genesis 1, we’ll look at it from the Jewish perspective. As co-creators with Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh (Yahweh – the Hebrew name of God), we create an atmosphere that lines up with the original design for creation. In the elements, we take back the full recipe of the original creation. From this point, we create our true reality – one that comes from heaven, then is released into the earth. From the void comes light as described in Genesis 1. It’s the spirit and the earth working together in a creative process of creation from the heavenly realm that’s realized in the earth realm. At the beginning, before the foundation of the world, we create from that position once again. Kirby states that “it’s our purpose to create the matrix – it’s creating our reality where others can enter in and have a new reality that comes from heaven.” We combine spirit and earth, allowing them to work together as Sons of God where we stand at the helm in the creative process.

Our first piece is to connect with the earth – the place we are given dominion over. It’s a connection to understanding earth as a connection of respect, rather than dictating. We are given the elements so we can reconcile with everything on earth. Through the elements, spirit meets matter, where we begin the reconciling process. Our formed light slows down and becomes matter through the meditative process – one that allows our neuropathways to connect the two. At the beginning, the statement, “It is finished!” was uttered. Our “creation” process shows in our body, our emotions, our will, our finances, etc. As we engage with the elements, redeeming them for their intended purpose, we become whole – spirit, soul, and body. We are meant to work together in harmony with the elements. From a position of creating with the elements, we adjust our thoughts, emotions, will, physical state, and our entire nervous system.  

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Every major religion has a creation story where a Supreme Being created us. In the Jewish tradition, we are “Sons of God” as heirs to the kingdom. As Sons of God, we are given the elements – natural nature. We, too, are from this natural nature. From this position of authority, we’re tasked with the co-creating process in an environment called “dominion.” Here, we come into the full stature of Christ. We’re a powerful creator of the world we’re in (CEO, janitor, wife, father, etc.).

We reign from the mountain of our life in a creative world as we’re seated IN Christ on the throne of our lives. At the time of this writing, we’re about to see a worldwide coronation of King Charles III within the coming months. As we watch the coronation, we’ll see many parallels between reigning over a country to that of our personal lives. Every “element” of a coronation represents what goes on in our personal coronation process. This includes the crown, scepter, and orb. They each have significant meaning for a specific authority. Our personal coronation occurs upon recognizing our responsibility, then coming into agreement with the partnering and co-creation process with the elements. It’s our personal creation as we grow in understanding of who we are IN Christ. This is about our identity and coming into alignment with who we were created to be from the beginning.

Again, no matter the religion, there is a protocol for a creative process where we take part in “a creation” of something. It’s a matter of recognizing that call – a call that takes us out of trauma, frustration, fear, anxiety, and the many other things that keep us from understanding our true identity as co-creators. It starts within us first. As we learn to govern our own lives, we’re then given more responsibility to govern situations outside of us from a position of love – a perfect love that overrides all negativity. Nothing can stand under the highest possible frequency of perfect and true love. It’s through the meditative process of bringing our entire being into a government of peace, love, and gratitude that properly aligns us with what was originally intended to be our co-creative procedure from the beginning of time.

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Based on Kirby's description of the elements where he created "Luminous Tablets" using scientific neuroscience data in choosing the colors, I took those colors, turned them into musical frequencies, and then created music based off those frequencies. You may remember that I talk about colors = musical frequencies in the "It's All About Frequency" series. In part 2 of that series, I provide images that show how color transforms to audio sounds via Hertz. Be sure to click on the above title to read that post! You'll find links to Kirby's description of how to use the Luminous Tablets in the sources below.

Music for the Luminous Tablets is available for purchase from Healing Frequencies Music! CLICK HERE to be redirected to the album page where you can hear samples and then purchase directly through Gumroad! 

As you engage with each 30-minute musical element that’s based on the colors (nanometers translated to Hertz) within the Luminous Tablets, read over the attributes of each as a starting point. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Simply start off by listening to the music. Journal what you see, sense, hear, and feel. Write what first comes to your mind without judging it. Allow your intuition to lead the way in what you listen to and when you listen to it. Your being knows what it wants! Feel free to watch Kirby’s videos for a more detailed description on a method he uses to engage with the elements.

In part 2 of this series, I’ll present specific affirmations that can be spoken as you ponder and engage with the music. Some of it is listed with the album descriptions.

Del Hungerford, September 2022

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