Energy is Frequency

Thanks to Brenda Judah for providing this great video from the Integrity Biofeedback Academy on scientific research about how the body functions through electrical and electromagnetic means.

I’ve listed some key points from the video but I encourage you to watch it yourself and then ask the question… “If my body is truly vibrating all the time, then is the music I’m listening to in harmony with those frequencies?”

As the video begins, the narrator for the presentation starts off by discussing Max Planck, the father of modern quantum theory. Planck is quoted as saying “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings this particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.” Energy Field

Albert Einstein is considered the forerunner to modern quantum physics. His conclusion… “Energy is all there is.”

1939, a Russian electrical technician, Semyon Kirlian, used a method of photographing the energy fields around living matter. Using pulsed high frequencies, he was able to see pictures of radiating energy fields of all living matter. This type of photography is now called “Kirlian photography.”

Both animate and inanimate objects have a vibrational energy field. (Notice the key word “vibrational” here.) The energy field can be seen through the aid of powerful microscopes. At the subatomic level, there’s vast distances between each spinning electron making up any substance. Atoms are 99.99999999 % (and on and on and on) empty space. Our bodies are made up of a dynamic energy of constant vibration.  Sub-atomic particles are actually measured in energy units because it’s more accurate.

Everything in the universe has its own energy vibration that moves in pulses, like waves. The closeness of the waves to/from each other, we call frequencies. This range of frequencies is referred to as the electromagnetic spectrum. Remember, as stated above, we are a vibrational energy field in constant motion. Therefore, our bodies create a series of frequencies. Some say that we have a DNA song, which we’ll delve more into in a future blog post.

Energy FieldIn the 1940’s, Dr. Harold Saxon Burr, a medical researcher from Yale University (go Bulldogs!), made the claim that pathology could be detected in the energy field of the body way before we start to exhibit symptoms. Why is that? When our energy field is disrupted, those measurements can be read and then analyzed. That appears to be what Brenda Judah’s company, Integrity Biofeedback Academy is doing. Having an understanding of energy fields, Burr proposed that diseases could be adjusted by manipulating the energy field. Based on current practices, his claim appears to be rather accurate.

The video continues by looking at another study done by Japanese scientists in the 1950’s. They discovered that there are BOTH electric and magnetic forces within the body. By exposing the body to pulsing electromagnetic fields, they created electrical changes on a cellular level that altered cell metabolism. This is known as the “piezoelectric affect.” The narrator in the video continues to present information about how the medical field uses electrical measurements only in diagnostics of illnesses, which I’ll leave for you to listen to in the video.

The human body is controlled and regulated by a quantum energy field. It’s an electromagnetic static being with energy patterns. Each cell in the body operates at a certain vibrational frequency. Together, these cells make up our own individual “thumb print” that is unique to each individual.

Nearing the end of the video, the narrator indicates that scientists have also determined (by a study done in 1964 called S.Q.U.I.D. = Super conducting Quantum Interference Device) that all tissues and organs of the body produce specific magnetic vibrations, called “bio-magnetic fields.” In an earlier blog post, I discuss a deaf percussionist (Evelyn Glennie) who is able to feel the pitch based on what part of her body vibrates when a note is played. She is evidence that we indeed react to vibrational frequencies in our bodies. Health care practitioners are beginning to understand how to use this energy field that surrounds the body for purposes of healing. In a sense, it’s taking us back to ancient practices that somehow, even with our scientific age, people understood then better than we do today.  Energy is Frequency

“Alternative” medicinal practices have been used for thousands of years. It’s only recently that modern medical practitioners have begun to reconsider some of these therapies since many are now being backed up by science. Today, mainstream science is beginning to realize that we are indeed beings of energy and it’s important to keep our bodies in a state of balance. How do they do this? With companies like Integrity Biofeedback Academy, they are working to assist people in balancing the body through frequencies.

So, how does music play into this? In a discussion with a practitioner who is in the process of certification through the Integrity Biofeedback Academy, she commented on how the electromagnetic energy fields piggyback along with the Schumann Resonances. Remember, the Schumann Resonances are electromagnetic frequencies within the earth’s cavity. The “fundamental” Schumann Resonance vibrates at 7.83 Hertz (with some fluctuation), and is nearly identical to a “C” (an octave lower than the lowest “C” on the piano) in the “just intonation” scale of the A=432 concert pitch. As proposed in an earlier article, it would seem natural that when we put frequencies into our bodies that are harmonious with one another, we are more “in tune” with nature. Basically, this allows our bodies to be in harmony with frequencies around us. In turn, this could easily help us be less stressed because our bodies are not having to work through competing frequencies.

Try this experiment… Listen to both versions of the one of my favorite pieces of music, Mozart’s “Gran Partita.” The first one is performed on “period” instruments (from the time of Mozart) and the second version is played on modern instruments. You may or may not be able to feel or hear the difference but if you do, feel free to post your comments below. I’ve decided not to provide any specifics so that I don’t put any pre-conceived ideas in your head.

As a side note, those funny looking curved instruments in the front row of the first video are called “basset horns.” They are in the clarinet family. In the second video, it’s more obvious that they look like clarinets. In both videos, the oboes are on the left.


Thank you Karen Jin for sharing this video with me! Karen is currently certifying in the techniques described in the first video. For more information, please check out her BLOG.


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