Frequency Basics

Join the Frequency Basics class at a special introductory rate through November 30, 2019!

What is Frequency Basics? For those interested in “all things frequency,” this self-paced course presents information to assist you on your own journey into the wonderful world of frequencies. Taught by Del Hungerford, a professional classical musician, you’ll be introduced to the musical side of frequencies at a deeper level. However, music is not all there is to frequency. You’ll also receive information about how frequency “topics” in general are connected through a variety of disciplines.


What is the Special?

The special ends November 30th at 11:59 PM (PST). $90 one-time payment or five monthly installments of $18 per month. 

  • Starting December 1, 2019… the regular course fee goes to $199.
  • Now is the time to join the “beta” group while the course is built at this special introductory rate. All course materials will be available by the end of December, 2019.
  • The Q&A live video meetings, additional links, and bonus materials are an additional $10 per month starting in January, 2020. Right now, it’s part of the beta group class.
  • The introductory special lowers the regular course fee by $109. In addition, you’ll receive three months of the Q&A membership for no additional cost (through January of 2020). That’s another $30 discount!
  • Those who join the beta group at the introductory rate save a total of $139. That’s more than a 50% discount!

How does it work?

Frequency basics is a 30-module self-paced course where you’re introduced to a variety of topics related to frequency including cymatics, water memory, solfeggio frequencies, harmonics, chromotherapy, entrainment, entanglement, sacred geometry and many more. Each lesson includes a video teaching, links, basic information, and articles. Some even have experiments to try. Here’s a list of the course content:

  1. What is Frequency?
  2. Concert Pitch vs Temperament: Part 1
  3. What is Sound?
  4. Concert Pitch vs Temperament: Part 2
  5. Frequency is All Around Us!
  6. Reader’s Digest Version of Music History
  7. The Musical Harmonic Series
  8. Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies
  9. Chromotherapy
  10. Cymatics
  11. Water Memory
  12. Thoughts and Intents
  13. Royal Raymond Rife
  14. Healing Powers of Music
  15. Entrainment and Entanglement
  16. Archaeoacoustics: Part 1
  17. Archaeoacoustics: Part 2
  18. Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle
  19. Crop Circles
  20. Rosslyn Chapel
  21. Great Pyramid of Giza
  22. Introduction to Musical Frequencies of Hebrew Letters
  23. Flower Essences, Music Essences, and Essential Oils
  24. Sacred Geometry
  25. Stepping Into Harmony
  26. Rhythm, Melody and Harmony: The Government of Music
  27. Rhizomes in Thoughts and Intents
  28. Reprogramming DNA
  29. Consciousness is a Frequency
  30. What are the Odds of That?

Because music is a major player in the frequency world, it’s necessary to understand the laws of harmonics in addition to general musical topics (such as music history, concert pitch, and temperament). For example, what we call the “ancient solfeggio frequencies” can’t be fully understood without some music theory. It’s a hot topic and deserves attention at a deeper level than what’s generally available in Internet land. All of the other topics in this class tie into the musical pieces, too. All sessions are introduced with a teaching video, several helpful links, and additional sources for class participants to conduct their own studies. The cool part!? It’s all in one place! And, you’ll have PERMANENT access to the course materials. Whatever is added throughout the course of time, you’ll have full access to those materials, too.

Get in at the ground level and join the “beta group” as the course is built for the introductory price of $18 per month for 5 months (via a subscription through PayPal) OR…. a one-time fee of $90.


Sign Up!

Frequency Basics is conducted in a forum atmosphere. CLICK HERE for a full class description and site registration instructions in the Kingdom Tribes Forum.

Once you’ve made the decision to sign up for the class, you’ll need a FREE account on Kingdom Tribes in order to access the course materials. CLICK HERE to sign up for your free account. If you need help, keep this link open while you follow these instructions:

  • You’ll see a blue box on the right side of the forum that says “sign up now!”
  • Click on that and begin the registration process.
  • Follow all the instructions as you’re prompted.
  • Don’t worry about profile pictures (avatar) or other account details at the moment. You’ll get those instructions throughout the course if you need help.

NOW that you have an account on Kingdom Tribes, CLICK HERE to enroll in the course. Follow these instructions to enroll:

  • If you missed the “click here” link above, “Enroll Here” is just below the words “and grow” in the header.
  • Scroll down to the NW Ekklesia: Mentoring¬† Groups and Classes category.
  • Choose your payment option: 1) A monthly payment of $18 per month for five months or, 2) a one-time payment of $90
  • Another box will open up saying “account upgrade confirmation” asking if you want to enroll and agree to the terms.
  • Check the “I agree to the terms….” box
  • The “subscribe” button will become clickable once you agree to the terms… which means you’re agreeing to pay for the course.
  • Fill out the information as requested.
  • You’ll be prompted to login to PayPal for the installment plan.
  • The moment the payment goes through, you should have access to the course. To find the course, click the “home” button on the left side below the banner. Then, scroll down to NW Ekklesia. Click on Frequency Basics and read the “START HERE” section first.
  • IMPORTANT!!! If you don’t see the contents of the course AFTER you’ve paid and it still says “private,” message Del through your “inbox” (next to your name below the navigation bar).
  • NOTE: There are no refunds once you register!!! Why? Because you have access to most of the content all at one time.


Who is Del Hungerford?

Del Hungerford holds a doctoral degree in music and currently teaches at the collegiate level. She’s a recording artist, professional classical musician, music educator, clinician, and author. Because of her training in academia, Del strives to bring accurate information concerning “all things frequency” to those who wish to understand how it’s all inter-connected. Her journey into frequencies began about the time she started to record spontaneous instrumental music. She searched out which frequencies to use in her recording projects which then led down many rabbit trails over several years. The result of that research is the materials found on the Healing Frequencies Music website, in her writings, her music, and now the “Frequency Basics” class.

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