Healing in the Hebrew Months: Letters, Frequencies, and Gematria

Yes, the title is an eyeball full! If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know that I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters. That monumental discovery occurred in the fall of 2018 and I immediately put out a teaching so others could create music using these frequencies. CLICK HERE to purchase that teaching.

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This post is about the next step in my journey. As with most things, we must live with a concept long enough so we can experience how it works. Over the last year, I included the musical frequency of the letter assigned to each month in the spontaneous music I created for the Song of the Month subscription. I will continue to do so for quite some time. With a year of these activations under my belt, I learned about the various connections within each month of the Hebraic calendar. At times, I felt a bit lost in this venture because it took time to connect the dots. I didn’t see the connections until I started the process of writing my first book about this discovery.

May I have a drum roll, please!? This is where I say that the first book is complete and ready for release at the beginning of the Jewish New Year, 5780 (October, 2019). I present minimal technical musical details because I’m saving that information for the next book. Notice the title of this blog post? It’s all about healing – healing in the Hebrew months. When I was first asked to write a book as the third part in a series, I couldn’t see how musical frequencies fit into the picture. Remember… I didn’t see the patterns and connections for quite some time. At times, moving forward into the unknown requires a leap of faith. It’s a matter of getting on a giant roller coaster and enjoying the ride.

Writing began in the summer of 2019. Thanks to Seneca of Freedom Flowers who sends out the Times and Seasons Healing Box, I was able to use her materials as part of my Song of the Month subscription. We agreed that approaching this from two angles was a good thing. So, I used her monthly descriptions as a launching point for my monthly activations. When I compiled the information for each month, that’s when I noticed the patterns. I added the specific properties of the Hebrew letters that coincide with each month, the musical frequency for each letter, and what I sensed God saying in and through all of it.

The book begins with the technical details: 1) history of the Hebrew letters, 2) a brief overview of historical sources and writings, 3) ancient music history, theory, and culture, 4) history of Hebrew gematria, and 5) an overview of the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters. The book ends with a short description of the healing properties set within each Hebrew month followed by activations to assist readers on their journey into wholeness.

As a teaser, here is an activation for the month of Tishrei. Since the book comes out in Tishrei, the year 5780, it seems appropriate to include a snippet from that month.

Tishri is a learning and teaching month. The pictograph for the corresponding letter, Lamed, is a staff. What’s in a staff? Shepherd’s lead flocks and point them in the right direction with a staff. Shepherds are “teachers” to their flocks. Using your imagination, stand next to the staff of Lamed. The gematria of 30 is paired with Lamed, indicating fullness and strength. Stand with Lamed – the teacher in fullness and strength. See yourself resonate with all three to bring a three-stranded cord that’s not easily broken into your life. It’s a strong cord. When you add the musical frequency for this month into the mix (key of B), it adds another layer as a strong “chord.”

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For those who enjoy activations, this book is full of them! The technical and historical information at the beginning leads into a fuller understanding of how to use each Hebrew month, its letter, and the musical frequency as a “bench of three” in your life. If you remember from previous writings, a bench of three represents a governmental authority over something. For example, governments usually have three branches that are required for the government to function (judicial, executive, and legislative). A musical chord must have at least three notes to determine quality (major, minor, diminished, etc.). We have seconds, minutes, and hours on a clock. The list could go on…

My point is that when combining the “life” properties of the Hebrew months tripled up with a letter that compliments each month and a musical frequency, it creates a strong three-stranded “bench of three.” It helps us bring a governmental authority of walking in a place of healing into and through our lives. Some of that’s preventative maintenance. If we need healing (emotional and/or physical), there’s protocol for that, too. The Hebraic calendar was designed to assist the Israelites on a “preventative maintenance” plan that included health for the spirit, soul, and body. All we need to do is step into the process of “healing through the Hebrew months” through practice by activating the healing principles set within each month.


How to order the book…

“Healing in the Hebrew Months: Exploring the Hebrew letters, gematria, and musical frequencies” is now available!




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