New Hope

Healing Music in the A=432 concert pitch by Del Hungerford

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Del Hungerford, keyboard and percussion

All music spontaneously performed by Del Hungerford

Copyright Del Hungerford 2016

Artwork and design by Alice Arlene


“New Hope” was completed in July of 2016 at the request of the organization that works with veterans. Those coming home from war often suffer from a variety of traumas. In addition, many in society also suffer from other crisis situations such as divorce, natural disasters, loss of family/friends, physical and emotional illnesses, abuse, etc.  As you listen and engage with the frequencies in this music, I hope you will find a release from any crisis that may hold you back from living life to its fullest. May your life be joyful!

As I prepared to do this album, I spent much time in prayer in seeking Creator’s heart for how the album should be done. During that process, I also made a music essence that will be available through Freedom Flowers. For several hours, I spoke and prayed into the music the heart of Creator for healing and release from whatever trauma or crisis a listener would be going through, bringing new hope. Reports from customers indicate the music and corresponding essence are indeed great for working through emotional trauma, especially the EMDR version of the album (see below).

As with all forms of working through healing, whether it be through natural medicine, traditional medicine, and prayer, results tend to be best when you’re consistent. The recommendation is that the music is played frequently. Since the album is shorter than my other albums, it’s only available as a full album download.

The EMDR format for the full album is available by CLICKING HERE. Please be sure to consult with your health care practitioner before adding or beginning anything new into your health program. 

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