528 Creative DNA – Music Essence


528 Creative DNA – Music Essence

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This is a music essence to be taken internally (like flower essences). The accompanying music album is available from Healing Frequencies Music.

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528 Creative DNA – Music Essence

This is our first non flower essence.  This is a musical essence made by playing 3 spontaneous songs using the 528 Solfeggio frequency.  Del, of Healing Frequencies Music, set this on the speaker as she played and recorded the corresponding album.  She was also praying in her prayer language during the energetic imprinting process and the total time of resonance was about 8 hours.  This is a 1 oz bottle that should last you at least a month. It is not a CD or MP3. It is a bottle of essence made by having music played over it.

This music essence was made from the music with the same name.

Purchasable directly through Freedom Flowers.

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