But Words Will Never Hurt Me: A Story of Overcoming Abuse


“But Words Will Never Hurt Me” is for those who desire to understand verbal and emotional abuse.

Available as a PDF download HERE on Healing Frequencies Music!


“But Words Will Never Hurt Me: A Story of Overcoming Abuse” by Del Hungerford

This is my story. I’m not a counselor, psychologist, or therapist. I’m a musician who was married to an abuser. Not one who hit with fists but words, attitude, silence and indifference. At first, life seemed fairly normal. By the end, I could hardly function. I wondered how I, an educated woman could allow this to happen. My story begins like many other happy marriages, but quickly deteriorates. It ends in divorce where I’m left shattered and disjointed. (From the back cover.)


At the time of putting this book for sale on the Healing Frequencies Music website in 2019, it’s been nearly 20 years since the divorce. As you can tell by reading what’s on Healing Frequencies Music, I’ve overcome the effects of an abusive relationship. I chose to not be a victim and matured despite the abuse. All of us have walked through trauma. In this book, you see where I came from. In my more recent books, you see how far I’ve come! I struggled for quite some time with adding this book to this particular website. Why did I end up adding it? I think it’s important for all to see that no one is exempt from life’s traumas. I now create music to assist those going through trauma. If you’re in an abusive situation or know someone who is, I recommend this book not just because it’s mine. There are few books written by victims who have overcome. Most books on this topic are written by counselors. I wanted to read real stories, which is the main reason I wrote the book. There are others like me out there…

The album “New Hope,” is a great listening companion to those suffering various traumas.


NOTE: There’s a companion workbook for those who want assistance in working through an abusive relationship. Both books are downloadable from Healing Frequencies Music as PDF’s. 


NOTE: There are not specific chapter titles in this book. Some chapters have several stories that work well together. It’s 240 pages long (the book version) and follows my marriage from beginning to end.