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Kingdom Worship Basics with Del Hungerford…

is a 40-module self-paced course to prepare the general worshiper (musician, artist, flagger, dancer, and other movement specialists) for an “ascended lifestyle of worship.” (Rev. 4:1) Everything we do is based on the “come up here” principle and doesn’t necessarily follow the standard worship model. Lessons include activations, teaching videos, helpful video links, helpful websites, experiments, and homework. Materials are in PDF format with clickable links.

Kingdom Worship Basics is a comprehensive course that addresses not only what worship is meant to accomplish but how that connects to us, YHVH, and those around us. It’s possible to have worship without a lead singer. It’s possible to get healed during high praise. It’s possible to see signs, wonders, and miracles when we step into “high praise” (pure worship).

If you’re ready for a journey that will completely change your mindset about worship and its purpose, this class is for you!

Part 1: Frequency Basics Lessons 1 – 10. These lessons focus specifically on materials from the Frequency Basics class that are needed for you to understand how frequency works in worship.

  • Lesson 1: Frequency Made Simple
  • Lesson 2: Concert Pitch vs Temperament – Part 1
  • Lesson 3: Concert Pitch vs Temperament – Part 2
  • Lesson 4: Learning to Feel Sound
  • Lesson 5: Music History – Reader’s Digest Version
  • Lesson 6: Natural Laws of Music and Harmonics
  • Lesson 7: Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Lesson 8: Thoughts and Intents Frame our World
  • Lesson 9: Entrainment and entanglement
  • Lesson 10: Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony – The Government of Music

Part 2: Kingdom School Lessons 11 – 18. These lessons introduce you to the “come up here” principle as described in Rev. 4:1 From a position of high praise (pure worship) we can walk in wholeness – spirit, soul, and body. It all starts with developing our character and relationship with YHVH. Through Kingdom School, you’ll step into greater maturity in your life and as a worshiper.

  • Lesson 11: It’s All About Relationship!
  • Lesson 12: The Act of Worship
  • Lesson 13: Check the Ego at the Door
  • Lesson 14: The Frequency of Love
  • Lesson 15: Communion
  • Lesson 16: Worship on our Mountain and Gateways
  • Lesson 17: Planting Success in our Garden
  • Lesson 18: Kingdom School

Part 3: Worship Basics Specifics Lessons 19 – 30. Everything from Part 1 and Part 2 is brought into Part 3. Here, you learn specifics of worship, how it works, why it works, what it does, how to entrain with the love and glory of God, how to live a lifestyle of worship, and much more.

  • Lesson 19: Working With and Purifying Musical Rhizomes
  • Lesson 20: Framing Desire and Intent in Worship
  • Lesson 21: Worship in Entrainment and Entanglement
  • Lesson 22: Breath as Frequency
  • Lesson 23: Fundamental Frequency of YHVH
  • Lesson 24: Frequencies of the Hebrew Letters in Worship
  • Lesson 25: Music in the Bible
  • Lesson 26: Music Theory Basics – Keys and Enharmonics
  • Lesson 27: Music Theory Basics – Chords and Progressions
  • Lesson 28: A=432 vs A=440 vs A=444
  • Lesson 29: The Frequencies of Creation Made Simple
  • Lesson 30: Sound, Motion, and Shape as Frequency
  • Lesson 31: Releasing Specific Frequencies
  • Lesson 32: Visual Arts
  • Lesson 33: All About Rhythm
  • Lesson 34: Movement, Dance, and Flagging
  • Lesson 35: Frequency in Lyrics and Vocal Music
  • Lesson 36: Instrumental Music
  • Lesson 37: Unity in Worship
  • Lesson 38: Healing Through Worship
  • Lesson 39: Worship as Warfare
  • Lesson 40: A Time of Hiddenness

Required Course Materials Include: