Frequency Basics COURSE


30 self-paced lessons!

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Frequency Basics is a 30-lesson Self-Paced Course!

with Del Hungerford – frequency topic researcher and professional musician

  • Each lesson is in PDF format. All links within lessons are clickable.
  • Frequency Basics is a self-paced course. There are no course meetings or discussions.
  • Thoughts, intents, and actions reign supreme throughout the course.
  • Homework that’s NOT required! You’ll have experiments, ponderings, and research assignments. Receive feedback as needed.
  • There is a LOT of material in this course (about 300 pages). To get the most out of the class, pace yourself, don’t allow your being to be overwhelmed, and dig deeper!
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Course Topics Include…

Everything in creation is connected. In this course, you’ll move from connection to connection on a journey through the frequencies of creation.

  1. Frequency Made Simple: In this lesson, you’re introduced to the many facets of what frequency is and how it drives all of creation.
  2. Concert Pitch vs Temperament and Why You Should Care: This lesson provides a basic understanding of concert pitch and temperament.
  3. Learning to Feel Sound: We are resonant beings of frequency. Everything within us vibrates. We respond to what’s in and around us as we “feel” sound.
  4. Concert Pitch vs Temperament: Was There a Conspiracy with A=440? There are a lot of untruths about the A=440 concert pitch being harmful. Several myths are addressed in this lesson.
  5. Readers Digest Version of Music History: Take a walk down music history lane and learn how music “became” and what role it plays in all of creation.
  6. The Natural Laws of Music: This section is about the musical harmonic series (overtones). In a sense, it’s not just the harmonics of music but the harmonics of universe.
  7. Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies: They’re Not What You’ve Been Told! The ancient solfeggio frequencies myths are debunked through music theory and history. We speculate as to what these frequencies are and where they came from.
  8. Connecting the Dots with Numbers: This lesson is all about numbers that relate to sacred geometry, the cosmos, astronomy, musical frequencies, musical intervals, cycles of the universe, our calendar, our daily/monthly/yearly times, etc.
  9. Chromotherapy: Healing with Color: Color healing techniques have been around for thousands of years. In this lesson, we learn that color does affect the way we feel.
  10. Cymatics: Visualizing Sound: Cymatics is a visual representation of sound. Cymatics create! We then explore where to find these shapes in nature.
  11. Water Memory: Healing Through Water: Scientists are now proving that water carries memory. We can override old memories with a new memory through putting frequencies into water.
  12. Thoughts and Intents Frame Our World: Thoughts and intents lead to actions. What we think sets a blueprint which is then “framed” when we put the action (building process) into motion.
  13. Healing Cancer: Royal Raymond Rife: Rife invented a machine that could kill diseases by using frequencies.We look at the life of Rife and what he contributed to modern health and healing techniques.
  14. Healing Powers of Music: Several examples are given of how music has healing properties simply because music reaches us at the emotional level. When our emotional levels are positively affected through music, music then becomes therapeutic.
  15. Entrainment and Entanglement: In this lesson, you’ll see how two things that are perfectly “in tune” with one another, work together in harmony.
  16. Archaeoacoustics, Part 1: What the Ancients Knew: This section introduces the secrets ancients understood through the science of archaeoacoustics.
  17. Archaeoacoustics, Part 2: Sound in Stone: This lesson focuses on megalithic and sacred sites that were created for the purposes of being resonant.
  18. Ed Leedskalnin and the Mystery of Coral Castle: Ed Leedskalnin built the only modern megalithic structure in existence. His work defies modern explanation… or does it?
  19. The Mystery of Crop Circles: There is much speculation as to how crop circles are created. Researchers have enough evidence to show this phenomenon is natural. Crop circles are created via frequency.
  20. Cymatics Shapes in Rosslyn Chapel!? There’s evidence to show that ancients understood that specific sounds created specific shapes. In this case, it’s possible to determine musical pitches written in cymatics shapes on the cubes of this chapel.
  21. Healing Properties of the Great Pyramid of Giza: People who have gone into the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid have walked out healed. Researchers are discovering that many pyramids and other sacred sites were specifically created to enhance acoustical healing properties of a space.
  22. Healing through the Musical Frequencies of Hebrew Letters: Each of the Hebrew letters has a musical “key.” These musical frequencies fit within the musical harmonic series and the cyclical patterns within Jewish thought. This lesson provides the basics for the frequencies of creation that are discussed in Lesson 29.
  23. Healing through Flower Essences, Music Essences, and Essential Oils: All these techniques require an understanding that water carries memory. All essences involve releasing healing frequencies of plants or musical frequencies into water.
  24. Explaining Sacred Geometry: Sacred geometry is seen in math, music, the cosmos, and in nature. In fact, scientists say that sacred geometry is evident in the creation of the universe.
  25. Quantum Physics Made Easy: What we understand as reality is different at a much smaller level. Intent collapses the wave function, which in turns causes a chain reaction of a desire that’s then set into motion for a reality to manifest.
  26. Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony: The Government of Music: This lesson is mostly about the “bench of three” and how that’s important in creating a governmental authority over something. We see that a musical bench of three – rhythm, melody, and harmony contribute to how the universe functions.
  27. Is it Possible to Reprogram Our DNA? This ties back to thoughts, intents, and actions – which are another bench of three. Modern science calls this phenomenon “epigenetics.”
  28. Consciousness is a Frequency: This once again ties into thoughts, intents, and actions. Many of those who study consciousness also say that our spiritual side should be involved in our conscious life.
  29. Frequencies of Creation: We explore how everything in the universe is connected and how we partner with that connection. There’s a deep dive into sacred geometry, the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters, gematria, the natural laws of harmonics, cymatics, crop circles, and more. At the beginning was a sound…
  30. Connecting the Dots: In this lesson, we focus on seeing more connections. Many questions are put forth to get us each thinking “how is that possible?” As responsible humans, how can we take the knowledge received in this class to bring us to a greater awareness and understanding of how the universe works?