Song of the Month – Monthly Subscription

$12.50 / month

Monthly Subscription for $12.50 per month

You’ll receive an instrumental song at the beginning of each Hebraic month in MP3 format along with the same song that has the “activation” (two MP3 files total).




When you subscribe to the “Song of the Month…”

you’ll receive an instrumental song and a voice-over activation. At the beginning of each Hebraic month, all subscribers are e-mailed a link to download the two MP3 files – the song and voice-over activation. That’s a fancy term for a practice exercise over the top of the same music. The songs are all done on my keyboard in the A=432 concert pitch. No percussion is added.


Monthly Activation 

I closely follow Freedom Flowers “Times and Seasons Healing Box.” My goal is to take an aspect of the healing properties of each Hebrew month. Why the Hebrew month and not another cultural cycle? The Hebrew community set guidelines for healing within their monthly cycle over 3,000 years ago! In a sense, each month is to help “bring people out of their personal Egypt.” It’s growth from month-to-month and year-to-year so the community can walk in good health spiritually, emotionally, and physically. All I’m doing is borrowing from what’s worked for a community for a very long time and bringing it into today’s time.

In 2019, I started adding the Hebrew letter and its musical frequency into the mix. Each Hebrew month is also represented by a Hebrew letter which then translates to a musical frequency. To find out more about that, see my book “Healing in the Hebrew Months: Exploring Hebrew Letters, Gematria, and their Musical Frequencies.” It can be purchased on this website and Amazon.

What’s Involved:

Listen and participate each month as I walk you through the voice-over practice session as long as you need it. Then, play the music by itself and create your own activation. Or, simply listen to the music and allow what’s in it to infuse your whole being. Healing through music is like any other healing protocol… it needs to be done on a consistent basis. Through the Song of the Month, I present a platform for you to do just that… be consistent!


What you get:

  • An instrumental song that’s specifically created to focus on the attributes of each Hebrew month (A=432 concert pitch).
  • A PDF informational sheet with voice-over activation instructions along with information about the purpose of each Hebrew month according to a 3,000 year tradition. This includes musical pitch, attributes of the Hebrew letter associated with each month, and a description of the Hebraic meaning for the month.
  • A voice-over activation to the instrumental music for that particular month.

Price: $12.50 per month (until you cancel the subscription)

Here are some other things you’ll need to know…

  • You’ll receive a welcome e-mail series at the start of your subscription through Mailerlite. Please check spam, social, and junk folders for that initial e-mail.
  • Several e-mails follow the first that provide background information on my process for creating the Song of the Month. I go into greater detail about the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters, an explanation of the Hebraic monthly cycle, and additional information on the Hebrew letters associated with each month.
  • Each month, you’ll be sent a LINK to download the two MP3 files. Be sure to grab those links quickly because they don’t stay there forever!
  • You’ll be added to a special list within Mailerlite. NOTE: This doesn’t subscribe you to the newsletter. You’ll only receive e-mails from this special account concerning your Song of the Month subscription.


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