EMDR Music Testimony

EMDR or “bilateral” music is used by both clients and health care professionals to assist in unlocking traumas. After doing some research, I realized that it would be easy to make my songs available in the EMDR format. They came out at the beginning of January 2016.

The first testimonies are now coming out from those who have purchased the music. Here is what Lynn relayed to me via a phone call after she sent me an e-mail:

HeartLynn is a trained counselor and was interested in the music for herself and clients. From what I understand, I think she was interested in having the music for a friend who suffers from Parkinson’s. She purchased some of the EMDR music and began listening to it. Then, on January 22nd, 2016, her blood pressure sky-rocketed and she knew that she was having a heart attack. But, she didn’t go to the hospital. Now… if this were to happen to you, do NOT do what Lynn did unless you know it’s best for YOU! I won’t go into detail here as to why she chose not to go to the hospital but for her, she felt it was the right decision.

Back to the story… While in the midst of the heart attack, she felt led to put on the EMDR music. At the same time, she was doing the bit where you follow bilateral motion of the fingers with your eyes. As she continued to do so, she felt the blood pressure start to go down. She listened to “Life Restored” and felt her heart go with the heartbeat of the drum. For three days, she went through this process where she would stay calm, listen to the music, and repeat the EMDR techniques on herself.

What she found profound about this whole event is that as she listened to the music, she began to process some traumatic events that had happened in her early childhood. The more she processed various instances, the better she felt. At the end of three days, she felt it was OK to go to the emergency room. When she arrived, her blood pressure was still very high. Within 30 seconds of them taking her blood pressure, it went down to near normal, which I’m sure puzzled the doctors. They ran tests and I believe were able to determine there was no damage to the heart!

Heart HealthLynn said that it took listening to “Life Restored” over and over again for her heart to finally calm down. This is a perfect example of entrainment where her heart was “entraining” to the beat in the music. She felt her whole body vibrating to the frequencies within the music, especially the places that needed healing. She attributes her healing to faith, prayer, the EMDR music and techniques, and knowing that we’re to walk in full health.

With that, this is an amazing testimony on how music with prayer and processing past traumas can bring a person back into alignment with how our bodies are supposed to function. There is a ton of research out there that shows how trauma affects us physically. They are even saying the Fibromyalgia is most often linked to emotional stress. Wouldn’t it be amazing if people with Fibromyalgia listened to EMDR music and were able to process the traumas? Again, EMDR therapy isn’t something you would want to do on your own. Please find a certified EMDR therapist to assist you!

And, thank you Lynn for sharing your story!