Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms

Yes! This is the page I talk about the “Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms” PDF file that Seneca Schurbon, Alice Briggs, and myself (Del Hungerford) put together for you. The process has taken several months and as we have more, it will be updated. And, I’ll be sure to mention the dates of each update below so you know what version you have.

Seneca Schurbon is with Freedom Flowers and Alice Briggs is with Emotional and Spiritual Healing. If you want to know more about their specialties, please click on their names and a link to their websites will open up for you.

As you read the chart, here is some information that should assist in understanding it:

  • The first column lists physical symptoms
  • The second column is a list of possible emotional roots that have been known to cause the physical symptom listed in the first column. This is based on research, customer feedback, and personal experiences.
  • The third column is a list of possible flower essences that could assist in strengthening issues seen in the emotional roots category. NOTE: Not every item in the emotional root list will fit every situation.
  • The fourth column is a list of music (my songs) that can also lend support to emotional stressors.
  • The fifth column is a suggested healing session with Alice Briggs.

What’s super cool about this list? We have worked together as a trio to find flower essences, music, and healing sessions to support you through an emotional healing process that we hope can also affect your physical body! We have found that by pairing at least three complimentary forms of healing together, the possibility for bringing your body into alignment is higher.

Too often, people pick and choose between a variety of healing methods trying one for a few days and another for a few days then, don’t have positive results. Our goal is to help you find a program where you can be consistent so that the lasting results can bring you into a more healthy lifestyle. We hope this chart will help you in that process.

Both Seneca and Alice will have the “Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms” chart available on their websites, too. This page is only open to those who have been sent the link by signing up for one of our newsletters.

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