528 Creative DNA

528 Creative DNA

528 Creative DNA Full Album – $9.99

528 Creative DNA










  • My Beloved
  • Regeneration
  • Beyond the Veil

Del Hungerford, keyboard, clarinet and percussion

All music spontaneously performed by Del Hungerford

Copyright Del Hungerford 2016

Artwork and design by Alice Arlene www.alicearlene.com


This album was made by playing three spontaneous songs using the 528 Hz frequency. This particular frequency is in the A=444 concert pitch and the specific note is the “C” above middle “C” on the piano. The 528 note resonates throughout all three 25 minute songs on this album. What’s new is the addition of the clarinet in the song Regeneration. Because the A=444 concert pitch is very close to our standard tuning, it was fairly easy to make the adjustment when adding clarinet to the music. As with all the other albums, I’m the sole musician for keyboard, clarinet, and percussion.

I set a bottle of spring water on the speaker so I could make my very first “music essence” while I played and recorded the album, praying in my prayer language throughout the energetic imprinting process. The total time of resonance was about 8 hours.  My personal belief is that in 8 hours of prayer, I covered everyone personally who would be listening to music and using the corresponding music essence from Freedom Flowers.

What we’re finding is that no two people get the same effect from the essence or the music.  It seems to be a truly universal, subtly correcting imbalances in areas that have been a struggle.  Some of these things may be traits in our genetic line that we have felt a bit at the mercy of.  The results are completely up in the air as to what your personal result will be.

I had a visitation with Jesus as the inspiration for the album.  In our conversation, his intention was that the frequency together with my prayer and meditation infused into the final product would restore our body, soul, and spirit back to Creator’s original DNA designed for us and “right” the corrupt DNA in our bodies along with cleansing the ancestral line. From the feedback already received by customers, the music (along with the corresponding essence) are great with healing protocols, especially with the emotions and ancestral cleansing.

From the scientific aspect, there is insufficient investigative research that the 528 frequency does indeed repair DNA. The hypothesis that 528 Hz recurrence repairs harmed DNA is from Lee Lorenzen, who was using the 528 to make clustered water which is smaller than bound water and streams through cell membranes more effectively.

The 528 frequency is also referred to as the “love frequency.”  If indeed it aligns our DNA with Christ’s, that would naturally be the result.