Into His Presence – Full Album Download


Hear the heartbeat of the sound of the drum as you enter into His Presence. Let Creator surround you as the angels serenade you with heavenly sounds.

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“Into His Presence” – Full Album Download by Del Hungerford

  • Running to Him – Sit atop of this mountain; there is beauty to behold. I set before you these heavens with stars all aglow. Stretch out your hand? be bold! Run your fingers through the sky. Choose one or many, don?t be shy. Create your crown, hold your head up high. You are my stargazer.
  • The Wedding – Come out of the darkness and into the light. This is your wedding day! Raise your head and behold the light as love is infused into your being. This is the day of shedding old and putting on the new. Come back to the day you became one with your Creator.
  • Into His Presence – Hear the heartbeat of the sound of the drum as you enter into His Presence. Let Him surround you as the angels serenade you with heavenly sounds.

Album Length: 83 minutes

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Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms for the album “Into His Presence.” 

This information is based on personal experience, customer feedback, and working with Seneca of Freedom Flowers and Alice of Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

Into His Presence – Album

  • Physical: pelvis, respiratory, suicidal, fatigue
  • Emotional: needing to feel grounded, needing love, fear of living life to fullest, unable to resolve life’s problems, everyone would be better off without me

Running to Him – SONG

  • Physical: Lupus, allergies, endometriosis, hemorrhoids,
  • Emotional: want to move forward, suppressed weeping, feeling stifled, unresolved sadness, frustration, insecurity, lack of self-love, wanting to blame problems on others, inability to let go of past, emotional block where mate is concerned, fear and tension, feeling pressured or anxious, ongoing feelings of being burdened, self rejection

The Wedding – SONG 

  • Physical: arthritis, carpel tunnel, insomnia, Lou Gehrig’s
  • Emotional: depression, mental fatigue, sleep issues, need to feel loved and appreciated, over sensitive, feeling dominated by parent, suppressed sorrow, chronic anxiety, fear, reliving childhood fears, feeling life isn’t fair, overwork along with emotional stress, sever self-criticism, controlling personality, deep seeded guilt, not forgiving self, holding record of wrongs, low self esteem

Into His Presence – SONG

  • Physical: Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, phlebitis, thymus, yeast infections
  • Emotional: denying self joy, wanting full control, fears not being able to control, despair, desolation, no will to live, low self esteem, “I’m not supposed to be happy,” no way out, feeling trapped, life isn’t fair, feeling picked on and persecuted and unprotected, deep and unresolved resentments, lack of self love, unable to accept self, not recognizing own needs

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