Yahweh in the Elements


Five 20 minute songs based on the five elements


Yahweh in the Elements came about through the study of ancient documents and what they reveal concerning the five main elements - earth, wind, fire, water, and ether. Everything carries a frequency, including each element. The question is "how to they sing?" On this album, the seven Divine Names of God (Yahweh or YHVH) are paired with the five elements. How did this creation story "become?"

The journey for Yahweh in the Elements involved a bit of science intermixed with music. While researching the Frequencies of Creation, Del recognized patterns emerging - patterns that told a story. This album is part of that story.

In the beginning God said, "Let there be...." There was a hovering (vibration) over the waters where light first came into being. This involved the elements, the spoken word (or a song), and an intention for a creative "thing" to come about. Did this creative process involve resonating the seven Divine Names? Step into your own divine creative journey as you partner with the elements and the seven most Divine Names of our Creator!

Artist: Del Hungerford

Instruments: keyboard, vocals, clarinet, and a myriad of percussion instruments

Listen to Samples!

Yahweh in the Earth

Ehyeh Asher in the Wind

Elohim in the Fire

El Shaddai in the Water

Yahweh Sabbaoth in the Ether