Creation in the Elements


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Our body is made up of the four elements – earth, wind, water, and fire. As described in ancient texts, the elements are the fundamental ingredients in any creative process whether you’re a Jew, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist, or Muslim. All religions, including atheism (because it’s a belief system) tell a similar story with varying cultural perspectives.

Our first piece is to connect with the earth – the place we are given dominion over. It’s a connection to understanding earth as a connection of respect, rather than dictating. We are given the elements so we can reconcile with everything on earth. Through the elements, spirit meets matter, where we begin the reconciling process. Our formed light slows down and becomes matter through the meditative process – one that allows our neuropathways to connect the two. At the beginning, the statement, “It is finished!” was uttered. Our “creation” process shows in our body, our emotions, our will, our finances, etc. As we engage with the elements, redeeming them for their intended purpose, we become whole – spirit, soul, and body. We are meant to work together in harmony with the elements. From a position of creating with the elements, we adjust our thoughts, emotions, will, physical state, and our entire nervous system.

There are FIVE elements represented, each is more than 30 minutes long for a total of 2.5 hours of music.
  1. Abundance in the Earth: From a stable position, seated on the throne of my life, I engage with the earth element – the physical and material realm. From this position, I gather strength and wisdom to bring abundance and healing to the very core of my being. Whatever documents that are necessary in this creative process, I move into place and see them made visible so they’re before my eyes. Truth races through my neuro pathways as I redeem earth with a simple drop of the blood of Yeshua. I then entrain and entangle with the truth of who I was created to be. Partnering with earth, I become the sovereign over my own life where I take my proper position of authority over my personal material and physical realm.

  2. Thoughts in the Wind: I view my thoughts as they swirl around and around. “Be still!” I speak. Before my eyes, I see my philosophies, doctrines, thoughts, paradigms, motives, etc. I take them all captive as I become one with my friend, the wind. I become transformed by the renewing of my mind where I alchemize myself so my will is strengthened. I see Ruach in the sound of the wind, hovering over the water as they work together, assisting me in changing concepts where I take on my new identity from my position seated in Christ.

  3. Emotions in the Water: I cleanse myself in the water, allowing all trauma to be washed away. As thoughts (wind) stir up emotions, waves in the water respond. As my emotions, represented by the waves of water become stronger, I speak “Be still!” In the stillness, I notice that wind and water work together through neuro chemistry because my thoughts lead to emotions. From the place of stillness, out of the darkness, I hear “let there be light!” It’s a place of quietude where from my position seated in Christ, I see His face in the peaceful waters. I allow fear to dissipate as tranquility takes over my being, releasing trauma and negative emotions.

  4. Intent in the Fire: Let the light of the fire shine! As fire comes into my being, I notice this is a place to strengthen my will through intent. From this position, I am stronger and do so with fortitude and strength. As I focus on will and a refined intention, I bring my will under authority. I gaze into the fire where my reality changes in the luminosity to bring balance into my life.

  5. Expanse in the Ether: In the place of void, a nothingness as described in Genesis 1 appears before me. There’s complete stillness where finite potential exists. Here, it’s empty space between every element while being IN every element. It’s only from the place of complete stillness I step into the co-creative process. How can I create when I can’t be still? In the void, I learn how to bring all the elements together in a co-creative manner from my position of authority that comes from heaven as I’m seated in Christ.