In the Resurrection Code


“In the Resurrection Code” tells the story of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Engage with the instrumental music in the 713 Hz frequency.

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The music for “In the Resurrection Code” is considered program music where it’s meant to depict a certain event. The music flows gently from song to song with no breaks. As you listen, you can hear the sadness and emotions of Jesus in “Living Sacrifice.” During “Recalibration,” the music moves from major to minor in a steady triple meter rhythm. The constant change between major and minor reflects the process of the internal change in Jesus’ body while in the grave, in addition to His emotions leading up to his death. The human part of Jesus has to be in extreme pain because of the horrific beating he suffered. At the same time, the Divine part of Jesus knows His sacrifice will bring transformation that the human race can step into. That is evident in the free-flowing sounds of the song “Transformation.” Bells, a crystal bowl, and the “angel theme” from the song “Wings of  Spirit” is brought back as Jesus is seen ascending into heaven.

Songs include:

  • Living Sacrifice
  • Recalibration
  • Transformation


A special thanks to Dr. Ogbonnaya for his teaching on the 713 Hz frequency! It’s his teaching that inspired this album.