Putting on the Cloak of Love

Putting on a cloak of Love started out as part of the Song of the Month subscription. Normally, information presented in the subscription is not made available outside the subscription. However, there are exceptions and this is one of those exceptions. Putting on the Cloak of Love is a series meant to help people stay in a place of rest and peace, especially with what's going on in the world right now. How? Why? Clothing ourselves in a cloak of love invites us to understand our personal identity at a deeper level, which is needed to navigate these strange times. This is the first series being made available to those outside the subscription. This is partially due to it not being tied to a specific month within the Hebraic cycle. Although the series was introduced during a typical cycle, it can be done at any time! That hasn't been the case with any of the previous years I've done Song of the Month.

I have a strong sense that this series is very pertinent to the time and season we're in. For those who want to cloak themselves with peace, joy, hope, mercy, etc., this is a tool to help you on that journey. 

Let's gather some background on the subscription... At the beginning of each Hebrew month, a new activation along with it's corresponding music is sent to Song of the Month subscribers. In the Hebraic year 5782, I introduced Putting on the Cloak of Love with a variety of "adornments" over a twelve month period. Each adornment represents a Godly character trait. The adornments are as follows: joy, peace, hope, faithfulness, rejoice, personal identity, patience, faith, perseverance, tenderness, and mercy. Everyone visualizes what their adornment looks like before placing it somewhere on the cloak. As a new adornment is added, it brings you into a greater understanding of your true identity so you're able to move forward into the next season of your life. What that looks like is up to you!

What's the overall goal with this series of activations? It's to assist you on your journey of discovery into the "real you." That often requires letting go of things that no longer suit you. At times, some interesting things from your past may show up. With these activations, you learn to replace negativity with something more positive. By covering your "being" (spirit, mind, body) with the adornments of our Divine Creator's character as you're cloaked in love, you can stay in a place of rest and peace while continue your journey, crossing many mountains as they appear before you. Some mountains and pathways are easier to cross than others. At the end of it, you'll be in a greater position to understand what your next season can look like.

I'm all about activations! I've spent a life of "activating" myself as a musician. Without consistent practice, patience, and perseverance, I would not be a professional classical musician. If we want something bad enough in life, we'll put in some effort. I find it interesting that the two words patience and perseverance are part of the adornments added to the Cloak of Love. It seems we're in a season of passing from one age into another. That will look different for everyone based on perceptions and mindsets. After completing the Hebraic year of 5782, I realized the Cloak of Love is an important tool that can assist us as we step into our new life season. It's not always going to be pleasant but hey, if you're gonna deal with junk and ugliness around you, why not do it from a position of love, peace, and joy? It really does help in the attitude adjustment department. 

How do you proceed with these activations?

Originally, the activations were sent monthly. Although the way I have it set up now, you'll receive the original PDF's, instrumental song, and voice-over activations at the same time as a download. This means that you can do the activations in any order that you desire. It is suggested that you spend several days (probably a couple of weeks) on each adornment to really get to know what it looks like and how it functions for you. It's plausible you could get through the entire series in 6 months by engaging with your cloak and adornments daily. Practice, practice, PRACTICE!!!

My suggestion?

Start with the cloak of love described in the month of TISHRI. Allow it to become a part of you. Then, add the adornment of your personal character described in the month of NISSAN. From there, go as you feel led! 

What you get with the Cloak of Love Activation...

  • 13 MP3 instrumental music files 
  • 12 MP3 voice-over activation files to the instrumental music
  • 13 PDF informational materials about the adornments
  • A PDF of the Cloak of Love synopsis
  • PDF's include synopsis of Hebraic month characteristics


There are many methods of bringing our being into rest and peace. However, we can't do that unless we put some effort into it. I used to tell my students that if they wanted something bad enough, they would do what it took to achieve the goal. These heavy discussions usually took place around recital time... Uh, yeah... moving along... And, yes, we can achieve goals in the midst of chaos, which for my students, preparing for a recital felt chaotic. It's a choice to turn away from fear, anxiety, frustration, and all their cuddle buddies. For me, my focus is on living out of a position of love. That requires being consistent with some sort of activation until it becomes engrained into the memory banks of every cell of my body in addition to my mind. I want what I do to become second nature to me. I can't do that unless I practice! Although the Cloak of Love was a year-long series, with consistent activation, I believe it's possible to see positive results in six months if you're consistent.

If this is something you'd like to engage with, purchase the series for $160 and get started!  

Activate Yourself!

By putting on the Cloak of Love with its adornments