Elements in the Luminous Tablets: Part 2

In Part 1, you're provided with the nitty gritty details of how we partner with the elements in our own creative process. CLICK HERE to read that blog post. 

In this post, we look at specific attributes of each element and HOW we partner with them to bring wholeness into our lives - spirit, soul, and body. I also mentioned in the first post that I created music specifically based on the attributes of five elements along with musical frequencies that align with the colors of the Luminous Tablets as described by Kirby de Lanerolle. CLICK HERE to learn more from Kirby about the Luminous Tablets. 

Colors and Musical Frequencies

Figure 1

Colors have a musical frequency. As you'll see in Figure 1, the bottom end of the color spectrum starts with the deep purple colors (the note F) and continues up the musical scale until it repeats. Colors are like musical notes in that color octaves are the same. For example, blue is D no matter which octave on the keyboard it's played or what nanometer octave it falls within.  

As a refresher, here are the seven main notes with their colors:

  • F = dark purple
  • G = Red
  • A = Orange
  • B = Greenish yellow
  • C = Green
  • D = Blue
  • E = Violet

Kirby's Luminous Tablet colors were chosen based on how our brains perceive colors. Because Kirby is a neuroscientist, he spent a lot of time working through the process of which colors "illuminate" the best to bring our brainwaves into a certain state so that we can activate portions of the brain to see, hear, sense, and feel at a "higher" level of consciousness. There's plenty of research to demonstrate nothing is weird about this process! No need to fear about deception. For those with certain religious convictions, this is an explanation of how our spiritual and neurological senses work. Once we learn to use the tools presented to us, our spiritual senses work at an optimal level. The goal here? It's to bring us into greater wholeness - spirit, soul, and body. I'm sure everyone reading this can agree that it's better to walk in wholeness so we don't carry "dis-ease" or sickness. 

Colors and Notes of the Luminous Tablets

If you haven't yet checked out the Luminous Tablets, CLICK HERE for that information. There's a free PDF download of the five elements within the Luminous Tablets so you can see what they look like. Let's now move onto the colors and musical frequencies of each tablet:

  1. Earth: Violet and greenish yellow = the notes E and B
  2. Wind: Blue and Orange = the notes D and A
  3. Water: All of the colors = all the notes and intervals of the scale
  4. Fire: Green and red = the notes C and G
  5. Ether: Dark purple and greenish yellow = the notes F and B

As you look at the musical frequencies, notice they are all 5ths (five notes a part).  All but ether are Perfect 5ths. Ether is the tri-tone (Augmented 4th or diminished 5th). Earth, Wind, and Fire are all Perfect 5ths. Because Water has all the colors, it represents all the notes of the musical scale.

I find it interesting that three of the elements represent the two main intervals used in music - the Perfect 5th, and when flipped the other direction (B - E for earth, A - D for wind, and G - C for fire), they are Perfect 4ths. These intervals are the most prominently present overtones in the musical harmonic series. They are all based on simple ratios. Want a simple description? Listen to Donald Duck as he has a conversation with Pythagoras about the first five harmonics. 

  1. Partial 1 - main or "fundamental" frequency
  2. Partial 2 - the same note an octave higher
  3. Partial 3 - Perfect 5th above the second partial 
  4. Partial 4 - Perfect 4th above the third partial and two octaves above the first partial
  5. Partial 5 - Major 3rd above the 4th partial. Adding this note creates a major triad which is the most commonly used chord in music. 

Figure 2 

The musical harmonic series is based on natural ratios. In Figure 2, the harmonic series is demonstrated starting from the fundamental frequency (the first partial) of the note, C. Each note will have it's own harmonic series based on the same formula. For example, when D is the fundamental frequency (partial 1), A is the 3rd partial, representing the Perfect 5th. When E is the fundamental (partial 1), B is the 3rd partial, again representing a perfect 5th. 

The 11th harmonic is the tri-tone (Augmented 4th or diminished 5th), as represented by the ether element. All steps of the scale are seen beginning in the 7th partial, as represented in the water element. Earth, wind, and fire all represent the 3rd and 4th partials - both the Perfect 4th and Perfect 5th. The higher up the harmonic series ladder you go, the weaker those frequencies are within a single note. Remember that every note has other notes that add "color" (timbre) to that note depending the instrument or device that creates the initiating sound. 

REFRESHER on the Harmonic Series!

As a reminder, every sound (noises included) has harmonics present. Each musical instrument or voice is identifiable by the amount of each partial present in the tone of that instrument or voice. Some instruments, such as the clarinet and pipe organ, are missing the even numbered partials. That being said, most noises and instruments have a specific "voice print" that makes all sounds recognizable to our auditory system. 

I find it interesting that the colors chosen for the Luminous Tablets represent a certain pattern in the natural harmonic series. Is that by accident or intelligent design?  All music (both eastern and western) is based on the stability and strength of the first FIVE harmonics in the series. Therefore, we're going to see them with more strength than the upper harmonics. It's like putting salt on food because it's a main ingredient in most foods. The first five harmonics are the main ingredients in anything perceived as a musical tone. 

Luminous Tablets Attributes

To finish this article, I've listed the attributes of each of the Luminous Tablets that were used to create the music. I chose instruments that represented how Kirby de Lanerolle described each of the tablets. From there, I began to engage with the elements, putting what I sensed, saw, heard, and felt into the music. 

  1. Earth: Finances, prosperity, physiology strength, anything to do with the material and physical realm, anything with the earth realm, healing, abundance, or move documents from one place to another. There’s stability in earth – a firmness of the “rock.”
  2. Wind: Every thought forms like a whirlpool swirling around. Every wind of doctrine comes through the wind as well as philosophy, thoughts, mind, paradigms, motives, etc. We take thoughts captive here and have the right thoughts. Become one with our friend, the wind. We can say to the thoughts, “be still!” Ruach is the wind hovering over the water. Here, we get the ego under control. We change concepts and take on a new identity. We're transformed by the renewing of the mind. We take every thought captive and alchemize myself so my will is strengthened.
  3. Water: Emotions of man, baptism of water, and working through trauma. Thoughts stir up emotion (wind and water). Waves (in water) are stirred up. We are baptized into water so we can deal with emotions. This is where Jesus walked on the water. This is where we learn to keep the emotions at bay. Fear dissipated in Peter as he walked on water. The water becomes still as the emotions become still. The body responds to emotions. Neuro chemistry works on emotions that come from thoughts. This is how wind and water work together. We then become a state of Genesis 1 where the wind and water are still. Out of darkness comes the face of Christ where we hear “Let there be light!” Here, we balance ourselves out with the other elements.
  4. Fire: The light comes in! It’s a place to strengthen the will: our will to be stronger with fortitude and strength. What’s our intention on? Look at the fire to have the will to do something. Focus on the will and intention. We bring the will under authority. My intention is refined. As we look at the fire, we see the luminosity where our reality changes. We traverse dimensions. Water and fire also work together to bring balance.
  5. Ether: Separate things from the world. The expanse is what everything sits on. This is the place of the void – the empty space that’s between every element and in every element. There’s finite potential where we sit in stillness. Through every element, we find the stillness in the place of void. 


Everything has a frequency! When we begin to see patterns, it's time to pay attention to what those patterns represent. I decided to create music for the Luminous Tablets because of the patterns represented in the chosen colors that translated into musical frequencies for each of the elements. They tell a musical story - one of a creative process of which we can participate. It's an ongoing life story that morphs as we step into a greater sense of wholeness - spirit, soul, and body.

If you're interested in embarking on this musical journey with the five elements, click on the link below to listen to song samples. The music for each element is over 30 minutes in length and is perfect for those who like music for meditation, massage, Yoga, spiritual soaking, or any other form of practicing "quietude." The intent for each song is obvious, which you can read about in the descriptions. 

Del Hungerford, September 2022

CLICK HERE to listen to samples and purchase the album! Read more about what each element represents and then engage with them yourself, bringing your entire being into wholeness as you become a co-creator in your own life and situations around you.

Song Titles: 

  1. Abundance in the Earth
  2. Thoughts in the Wind
  3. Emotions in the Water
  4. Intent in the Fire
  5. Expanse in the Ether