Suggestions For Healing Music

I get asked quite frequently what type of music is available for the purposes of healing. In this post, I provide a list of artists that I recommend for healing music. Because we’re all in this together, I feel it’s important that we share what we each have to offer. Everyone is going to respond differently to music so it’s important to have a variety available to you. As I hear of and “experience” more artists, I’ll let you know about them.

Listening to musicMany of you have probably already figured out that when you go into YouTube and type in “healing music,” you’re going to be totally overwhelmed by what you find. The videos where a specific tone generated note is played throughout, I’m not so much a fan of. I say that because I believe there’s more to music than a single tone and when you take the harmonics out of a note, you’re not getting all that note is meant to offer. Tone generators only provide the fundamental (base pitch) and don’t provide a naturalness of what makes that note special. Harmonics are present in every note produced by every musical instrument (and your voice). That’s how you can tell that a clarinet doesn’t sound like a violin and recognize the voices of the people around you. The harmonics present in each instrument/voice determine what that instrument/voice sounds like. A tone generated note literally has very little “life” to it because there are no harmonics present in the note.

With that, below is a list of artists that compose and perform their own music for the purposes of healing.

First on the list is John Tussey, who is a composer and artist from Hawaii. He also uses the tones from the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies in addition to pitches from the periodical table of elements. You can find his music HERE.

Carla Reed is an artist from the Pacific Northwest who has tuned her piano to the A=444 concert pitch. Her music can be purchased directly from her website, Carla Reed Piano. She is also a trainer in using tuning forks for frequency alignments.

Theresa Griffith is a flutist who uses many types of flutes in her music. Sometimes she sings and other times, she simply plays her instruments. You can find her music at Somebody Believes in You. She also does personal songs!

Bryan Cumming has music specifically for those using EMDR therapy. I found his music through his wife, Holly Cumming, who is an EMDR therapist. You can listen to samples of Bryan’s music through her site by clicking HERE. If you want the non-EMDR version, there’s an e-mail address provided where you can contact him directly.

Lastly, if you’re reading this post, you’re probably already on my website. But, to make it easier, here’s the link to the main page, Healing Frequencies Music, where you can hear samples of all my music. My name is Del Hungerford. And, my music is recorded at the A=432 concert pitch, some in A=444 and a smattering of other specific frequencies. I do have two albums that use the A=444 concert pitch. The first one is 528 Creative DNA. The other album has two concert pitches, with the last two songs being A=444. That album is titled “Deep Calls to Deep.”  They each have a corresponding music essence.

The other thing that makes my music different than many others? I turn much of it into the EMDR (bilateral) format. As of this writing, I believe I’m one of about four people in the world specifically creating music in this manner. It’s great for emotional traumas and, those who work with children on the autistic spectrum are also finding it helpful. CLICK HERE to see what songs I have available in the EMDR format.

As you discover artists you enjoy, please comment below and I’ll be sure to check them out!

© 2016 by Del Hungerford



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