I AM: Emotional Roots and Physical Symptoms

The album “I AM” paired with emotional roots that can result in physical symptoms.

Based on feedback I’ve been getting on the music, I’m working with Seneca Schurbon of Freedom Flowers and Alice Briggs of Emotional and Spiritual Healing to create a package of materials that can aid with the healing processes of physical issues in your body!

“I AM” has nearly 80 minutes of instrumental music: “Love Abounds” is track 1, followed by “I AM,” and then finally “Life Source.” The full album is listed first (below) followed by each individual song. It is purchasable as a CD or downloads (full album and individual songs) and in the EMDR format.

What I have found specific to this album, especially after hours of listening to it – it brings a sense of love and peace. While listening, I got the sense that through Creator, I could be more focused which in turn brings more center into my life. If you need to feel loved, are in a place of despair, depressed, dealing with addictions, and have heart issues, this album has been very helpful for customers. I even had one customer who said the EMDR version of “Life Source” really helped bring her blood pressure down while she was having a heart attack. Once at the hospital, they said there was no damage to her heart!

The “Physical Symptoms and Emotional Roots” booklet is being put together by myself, Alice, and Seneca and should be ready for sale soon! The full chart has about 100 physical symptoms with corresponding emotional roots. We then suggest a flower essence, song (or full album), and a type of healing session so that you have something to work with.

Here’s how I believe listening to the album, “I AM” can help you…

I AM – Album

  • Physical: addictions, Bulemia, depression, heart, blood, face problems, stuttering, acne
  • Emotional: unable to think rationally, disapproval of self, self-rejection, despair, avoid wanting to feel, mistaken self-image, inability to accept self, unsatisfied needs never met, feeling unable to meet expectations, your own identity, problems with relationships, self criticism, unable to express self, emotionally insecure, having to always please authority figures.

Love Abounds – SONG

  • Physical: Heart, diabetes, incurable diseases, mono
  • Emotional: needing love, needing to focus, judging self of others severely, disappointed in life, ongoing feelings of sorrow, emotional shock, obsessed with wanting to control, resentment and hurt, not feeling approval of others, difficult time forgiving others and self, in a relationship that hurts, long standing condemnation of self and others, struggle with forgiveness of situations and people of the past, feeling unloved and unworthy.


  • Physical: memory, Alzheimer’s, demensia, neck problems, throat, tinnitus, thyroid
  • Emotional: confidence, trust, faith, lack of control over life, feeling helpless/hopeless, unresolved anger, tired of life’s struggles, inflexible state of mind, not wanting to yield to opinions you think are wrong, non-acceptance and rejection of others, swallowed emotional hurts, not having your own way, anger being restrained, confusion, not able to discern, deep sense of frustration/anxiety, fear of self-expression, self rejection, guilt

Life Source – SONG

  • Physical: nervous system, heart, blood, blood pressure, depression, circulation problems, chronic fatigue, inflammation, Leukemia, nerves, Vericose veins
  • Emotional: need peace and tranquility, feeling powerless in some area of life, deep anger, intense depression, not feeling joy in life, fear, low self-esteem, feeling overloaded, discouragement, need to prove self, helpless, hopeless, boredom, burn-out, not enjoying place in life, can’t forgive self or others, in a relationship that hurts, rage, wanting to run away.


The full chart is full of many common physical symptoms that are matched with an emotional root. Would you like the chart for FREE? Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll receive a copy within the first month of your subscription!