Water Memory, Music, and Flowers

Water has memory…

Music is healing emotionally and physically…

Flowers have healing properties…


If music and flowers both carry healing properties, wouldn’t it make sense that we seek out a natural method of allowing the two to work together? Both natural and homeopathic healing methods alongside our modern medical practices all have a place in healing protocols. In this article, we explore natural uses of ordinary things we see around us every day. Three naturally occurring items in nature have the ability to assist with healing protocols. They are: water, music, and flowers. Even the ancients understood the power of these three items. For example, the healing properties of flowers are well documented, having been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine.

When we “imprint” the healing properties of flowers and music into water, because water carries the memory of everything it comes into contact with, we’ve created a natural method of allowing our bodies to heal with the natural resources Creator put on earth for us to use.

We take a short video tour, starting at specific points in each video, to help describe the basic points of using water, music, and flowers as part of a healing protocol.


Without further explanation, we begin our video tour of water memory and the powers of music and flowers … 


In this video on water memory (starting at 21 minutes into the video), we see how a professor in Stuttgart University put flowers into water and later, after drying the water on a microscope slide, shows how the structure of the water changes. Putting a flower into water changes the structure of the water.



In this next video, we learn that the structure of water is more important than its chemical composition. Basically, water remembers everything that occurs in the space that surrounds it. Everything that water comes into contact with leaves a trace of itself in the water. It’s not far reaching to see how putting the vibrational frequencies of flowers and music into water affects the structure of water.



Switching gears, we learn what music does to our brains. In this video by researcher and music educator, Anita Collins, we learn that “fireworks” go off in the brain when we listen to music. In other words, our brains really like listening to music! Music can calm us, it can hype us up, and it can make us happy or sad. Our bodies even have physical reactions to music.



This is an entertaining two-minute video that’s basically a synopsis of how music can affect us emotionally and physically. The YouTube user “Seeker,” even mentions the medical practice of music therapy and how it helps patients. Do you remember Gabrielle Giffords? She’s the congresswoman who was shot at a rally and not expected to survive. Who does she give credit to for assisting in the healing process? Glad you asked! It was music therapy that helped her regain speech. Pretty amazing!



Let’s take a look at the use of flower essences and how they work. In this short video, there’s a personal story of how using lavender as a flower essence helped give a young man back his hearing. The doctors? They had no answers for his neurological disorder. The mother, an herbalist, was able to pinpoint the specific healing properties of this flower to assist her son, much to the amazement of his doctors!



In these video examples, I introduce you to the healing powers of music and flowers. Now that we know water carries the memory of what it comes into contact with, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to see how imprinting healing music and the healing properties of flowers into water can actually be effective. Although I’m no aware of any scientific studies concerning the healing properties of flower essences, there are plenty to show how music can aid in the healing process.

Is it possible that we make things much more complicated than they need to be? With flowers and water right out our back doors, wouldn’t it seem natural that these items are not only for our enjoyment but are also meant to aid in the process of healing? Most of the pharmaceuticals in use today use plants as part of their recipe. Why not use the specific healing property of each plant in its natural state as a healing tool? That’s exactly what flower essences are meant to do. In fact, I’ve been able to get off nutritional supplements with the use of both flower and music essences. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Music essences? Remember…. water has memory. When you infuse water with music that’s meant for the purposes of healing, it would seem drinking that water would be helpful in the healing process. I love scientific studies! However, I enjoy personal stories just as much. When people say they’ve had lasting changes in the physical and emotional well-being because of flower and music essences, I’m not going to argue with those results. Maybe it’s time to consider “alternative” healing techniques as viable options.

FLOWER ESSENCES – made by Seneca of Freedom Flowers are completely done from scratch in her “laboratory” (the great outdoors). Read the reviews and see why people love flower essences.

MUSIC ESSENCES – sold by Freedom Flowers are made by Del Hungerford (me). I create healing music with the intent of infusing those frequencies into water for the purposes of bringing healing to the body and soul.

HEALING MUSIC –  speaks for itself. There’s enough research to show the healing powers of music. My music is created with the intent to bring healing emotionally and physically. Listen to samples from each album and you be the judge of how the music affects you. Give yourself some quiet listening space to test it out.


Water, music, and flowers carry healing properties. When water is infused with the “memory” of music or flowers, the healing properties are then deposited into the water. Watch the entirety of the above videos to see what scientists are saying about the importance of the structure of water. When adding music, that changes the structure of water so it carries the memory of the music played over it. It’s the same with flowers. If you want more information, there are many more videos and articles out there. These are to get you started on your own journey into healing with the use of flower and music essences. In addition, healing music is a great tool to add to any healing protocol.


Del Hungerford, 2018



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